ASYLENCE Ask For “Eternity, Please” New Music Video Off Upcoming Album “Endanger Us All” Out Feb 202

New Album “Endanger Us All” Out Feb 24th


Hailing from Detroit, USA, Asylence brings together a solid group of influences in their take on melodic death metal. The release of the album “Endanger Us All” is nearing this February and in lead up to its unveiling, the quartet is sharing their next single “Eternity, Please” accompanied by a music video. On this track, the band’s black metal influences are more prominent at the beginning before taking a turn into their own sound. With a little bit of experimentation, it is the darkest and brooding track on the record. The band dives into details about the song:

“The lyrics tell a tale of a king who wanders his halls with no question to his reign but still he suffers. Heavy and lonely is the crown, and the years can feel like an eternity alone. We wanted to continue to show off the newer material and this one starts off as heavy as you could ever want. Definitely a blend of old influences and the newer direction we’re taking, this song was a challenge to write but we couldn’t be more proud. This song is the perfect representation of the direction we want to continue for our music.”

Vocalist Ryan Lang explains that he wrote the lyrics to this song coming out of a pretty heavy depression and he feels like it shines through. Misery loves company, sometimes the misery never truly goes away. As for the rest of the album, lyrically it’s mixed because of the timeline in which songs were written, but overall the band feels like it hits the way it was meant to. They try to convey a message to their audience more than they try to shock with vulgarity, and Lang’s message is usually that of self-awareness and the horrors that can occur under the guise of salvation. Musically these songs weave the emotion and intensity of their message.

Their new album “Endanger Us All” is nine tracks long, was produced, mixed, and mastered by guitarist Aaron Lumsden and the artwork was done by Diyaco Paymazd. It is recommended for fans of Devildriver, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy.

Watch and listen to the video for “Eternity, Please” via its premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

“Endanger Us All” is due out on February 24, 2022.

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Previous music videos can be seen on the band’s YouTube here.


Track Listing:
1. A Call To Arms – 0:55
2. Endanger Us All – 3:53
3. The Garden of Disrespect – 3:34
4. Eternity, Please – 3:37
5. In Solidarity, We Die – 3:32
6. Arrows For Christ – 3:25
7. In This Hell – 3:47
8. Soulless – 3:32
9. A War Waging Within – 3:16
Album Length: 29:35

Album and Live Band Lineup:
Ryan Lang – Vocals
Aaron Lumsden – Guitar
Alex Aubuchon – Drums
Richard Olrich – Bass Guitar

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