Norway’s UNHOLY CRAFT set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album, reveal first track – features members of SOLUS GRIEF

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Today, Purity ThroughFire announces February 27th as the international release date for  the striking second album of Norway’s Unholy CraftNaar All Tid er Omme, on CD format. The vinyl version will follow later this year, as will the band’s chronological debut album via different underground labels.

Unholy Craft is the work of one Peregrinus, whose concurrent Solus Grief is newly initiated into the Purity ThroughFire cult. Indeed, Unholy Craft play traditional, CULT black metal from ancient Scandinavia, taking influence from the obvious – Darkthrone’s Peaceville trilogy, Hat-fronted Gorgoroth, the first Ancient album – to, more so, the very cult likes of Kvist, Sorhin, and Fimbulwinter. As such, the band’s Naar All Tid er Omme debut is a veritable blast from the past, but one thankfully exuding personality and a freshness of approach. 

For one, Peregrinus’ fully physical execution maintains a more blown-out rawness in line with the modern raw black metal scene. But, for another, that rawness doesn’t mask a lack of ability. Far from it, actually: the mainman exudes equal skill on all instruments and puts those enviable chops to use across songwriting that keeps it traditional and yet puts interesting, almost-deviant twists to it along the way. In that sense, Unholy Craft‘s craft honors second-wave black metal’s initial unorthodoxy, when most of its earliest bands each maintained their own approach – when the future lay wide open, as it were. That’s in the past now, but Naar All Tid er Omme resurrects those glorious times with magickal ease and elan. Unholy Craft are coming to a church near you!

Grab a torch with the brand-new title track “Naar All Tid er Omme” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

UNHOLY CRAFT_cover2230127

Tracklisting for Unholy Craft (Norway)’s Naar All Tid er Omme
1. Naar All Tid er Omme
2. Vitriolic Winds of Hate
3. En Askedrøm
4. We Are Your Death
5. For Thee I Long
6. As I Gaze Upon the End
7. En Sjels Pinsle
8. I Taaken

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Norway’s UNHOLY CRAFT set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album, reveal first track – features members of SOLUS GRIEF, KVAD, HJEMSØKT+++


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