SEQUESTRUM Release Debut EP “Pickled Preservation”


Copenhagen death grind unit SEQUESTRUM (featuring members of CHAOTIAN and UNDERGANG) have officially unleashed their debut EP, Pickled Preservation. Featuring 7 furious offerings of extreme filth (including a cover of Impetigo’s “Dis-Organ-Ized”), Pickled Preservation is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions.

The EP was tracked at Mayhem Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was mixed and mastered by J. B. Hviid. The follow-up to the band’s 2021 demo, Pickled Preservation presents a clearer, more refined production, though still horribly soaked in sonic sewage.

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01. Giblet Excreter

02. Preserved to Last

03. Necromucouphagia

04. Guts

05. Consigned to Humus

06. Human Broth

07. Dis-Organ-Ized (Impetigo tribute)


SEQUESTRUM was put into flesh in the second half of 2021, after a year’s planning, composing, and rearranging of songs, trying to work out what music the band wanted to create, that would also differ from the other bands of the members (CHAOTIAN and UNDERGANG). Originally a project created by guitarists Søren and David, the band got completed with the additions of local fiends Andreas on bass and Frederik on drums, and together they wrote and arranged the debut demo The Epitome of Putridity over the next half year after starting to rehearse together as a band. It was decided that all members should be doing vocals, to make the songs sound as full of extremity and variety as possible.

Trying to induce grimy grinding and gory death metal with a bit of rock, SEQUESTRUM is trying to offer a bit of a different approach than widely seen in today’s worldwide death metal scene. The debut demo was then recorded by Andreas at his portable Båndsalat Studio, at the band’s rehearsal room, and released in time for their debut show in Copenhagen in March 2022. Two months later it was officially released and distributed on CD/MC and as a limited lathe cut 7″ through Extremely Rotten Productions. 

The band played a few more local shows during 2022 and by Autumn went into local Mayhem Studios and recorded their follow-up EP Pickled Preservation during the middle of October.


Andreas Nordgreen – Bass & vocals

David Mikkelsen – Guitar & vocals

Frederik Laursen – Drums

Søren Willatzen – Guitar & vocals

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