Melodic Death-Thrash Outfit RAIDER Release New Single “Rite of Conquest”


Ontario-based melodic death-thrash outfit RAIDER are going to tear open 2023 with their new album, Trial by Chaos, due out on April 7th. Pre-orders are now available HERE.

Today the band has revealed a fresh taste of the upcoming album with new single “Rite of Conquest“. A bloody thirsty track, the band comments “When there is no blood left to spill on earth, humanity will turn its insatiable thirst for power…to the stars.”

Stream the new single HERE

More about RAIDER: 

If there is any genre more unlikely to evolve, it is melodic death metal. But that is exactly what Ontario, Canada based melodic death thrash outfit RAIDER have done! The ferocity of thrash, combined with the savagery of death  metal, and no shortage of infectious melodic riffs, make RAIDER a force to be reckoned with. Their new album, Trial By Chaos, will unleash their perfect storm of madness once again on April 7, 2023. 

RAIDER first popped onto the scene with their 2018 demo, Urge To Kill. Their debut full-length, Guardian of the Fire blasted more eardrums, but what they’ve done now is the next level of explosiveness. The title track provides a perfect kicking off point for the album, setting the stage with bludgeoning drums, high-intensity riffing, and maniacal vocals that sound conjured straight from the pit. “Rite of Conquest” is as haunting as it is devastating and “New Dominion” is a whirlwind of hellish speed. As the album progresses, it is undeniable that RAIDER are a masterclass in electrifying rhythm, punishing groove, and unhinged songwriting. The epitome of controlled-chaos, RAIDER know how to whip you into a frenzy.

While RAIDER is known for their sheer unbridled savagery, the overarching theme of their music is deceptively positive. “Life is hard the whole way through and each and every one of us has our own personal hell to contend with in order to find meaning,” the band elaborates. “We want to be a voice that is in your corner of the ring for the battles we face together, and the battles you face alone. That being said, there is no rule that facing life’s challenges should make us perpetually miserable and that is what our live show is all about. We want people to feel welcome no matter who they are or where they come from, and to have FUN with us. If we can bring people joy and empower them even just a little bit to take on the next big thing, we have done our work.”

The release Trial By Chaos will be followed by a North American tour throughout April and May 2023. This album is made for the live experience, with an overarching ominous, supernatural sensation. So prepare yourself for the ultraviolet, but cathartic experience RAIDER has crafted. 

Trial By Chaos Track Listing: 
Trial by Chaos    
Rite of Conquest    
New Dominion    
Ark of Empyrea    
Juggernaut Cerebrivore    
Devour the Darkness


Angelo Bonaccorso – Vocals
Gabriel Rosa – Guitars
Bennett Smith – Guitars 
Aaron Tanner – Bass

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