Russian band DRAKON (atmospheric/pagan black metal) released debut album titled “П​р​о​б​у​ж​д​е​н​и​е” (eng. Awakening)

DRAKON was born in 2017 as collaboration between Veleyar (guitar, music) and Terror (vocals, bass). At the beginning of activity they released debut album “First” (“I“) and when line-up split, leader of the project released instrumental EP “The Last Battle of Angels”. In the same 2017, project has been suspended.

In the fall of 2021 Veleyar resurrected DRAKON and started working on second studio album titled “П​р​о​б​у​ж​д​е​н​и​е” (eng. Awakening). Line-up was filled in by professional session musicians. 

The album is thematically dedicated to the Spiritual Revival of Man and Russian Motherland, through the prism of worship of the Forces of Nature.

Music was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna who cooperated with such bands like …and OceansWatainTribulationFuneral Mist and Mayhem. Cover artwork was done by Alexander Tartsus (BalforKZOHHSinister). Album was released 28th October 2022  as digital and on CD via Soundage Productions.


  1. Closedness of Forest Darkness
  2. In the Gloomy Feuding
  3. Lunar Path
  4. In the Murk of Night
  5. Above All
  6. Ode to North
  7. Embrace of Death


Veleyar – songwriting, guitar
Vadim Basov – bass 
Vyacheslav Popov – drums
Demether Grail – vocal and lyrics (for songs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Pavel Sochev – guest solo guitar in song “Ode to North
Alexandr Mrakov (1985-2022) – lyrics (for 1, 2)


Website | Bandcamp | Instagram | Spotify

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