EVERMORE – new album ‘In Memoriam’ out in April

(artwork by Christoph Peters)

Evermore will release the new album ‘In Memoriam’ on the 21st of April through Scarlet Records.

The follow-up of the 2021 brilliant debut album ‘Court of the Tyrant King’‘In Memoriam’ will be released in the following formats:

-vinyl (limited edition)

-jewel case CD


(photo by Marcus “Mackan” Alfsson)

Evermore rewrite the traditional rules of European power metal in an extraordinary, unique way. With ‘Court of the Tyrant King’ they showed off some remarkable skills; now ‘In Memoriam’ takes their ideas, songwriting and overall artistic approach to the next level.

While always adopting a heavy and aggressive tone, Evermore’s stunning melodies weave around each other and create songs that are smart-structured and yet always catchy and radio-friendly. This time, the Swedish band even used a church choir to add another sonic layer to the sound.

Lyrically wise, ‘In Memoriam’ may be perceived as an album about people and the everyday struggles that affect us all:

“For those who lost their voice in the dark of night – Compassion is the flame that leads you home.” 

The end goal of Evermore is to create music that makes you feel “something” and creates that sense of empowerment, uplifting mood and motivation that is so strongly associated with the metal genre: you own the story!

Evermore is:

Johan Haraldsson – vocals

Johan Karlsson – guitar, bass, piano, orchestrations

Andreas Vikland – drums

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