FRENZY launches 2nd advance single in form of a lyric-video

The second single off from FRENZY‘s new album “Of Hoods and Masks” is a lyric-video of the song “Where is the Joke“, which is the second part of the conceptual story included in the album, which will be uploaded regularly by chapters, to be released in April 20th, 2023 on 12″LP, CD and Digital formats through Fighter Records, and you can watch the video right here:

Chapter 2: Where is the Joke

      A megalomaniac lunatic has this crazy plan to stop a nuclear war that would annihilate mankind: Provoking a smaller and under control genocide… REALLY?

      Is that the best idea someone came up with? Killing millions to save billions?

      Not that I am a moral standard, but I just can’t understand this… I used to think everything in this life was nothing but a stupid a joke and never took things too serious. What the hell! I even laughed when I did all my most violent and chaotic work, but this time I just I don’t get what’s funny here… WHERE IS THE JOKE? WHERE’S THE FUCKING JOKE?

To be continued…

Listen on Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music:

      “Of Hoods and Masks“, the second full length by the Heavy Metal and Comic Book fanatics band, will contain 9 tracks, including a conceptual story in 7 songs inspired by the Watchmen graphic novel.


This is the track list for “Of Hoods and Masks“:

1. One Minute Closer to…
2. The Doomsday
3. Where is the Joke
4. Spectre of Love
5. Uncompromised
6. Betrayal in Cold Blood
7. Fear the Hood
8. Living in Oz (versión de Rick Springfield)
9. Give Me Shred (Or Give Me Death)


     Release date for FRENZY Of Hoods and Masks” will be 20th of April 2023 through Fighter Records on 12″LP, CD & Digital formats. In the meantime, check out FRENZY official Facebook site here:
     You can also watch the previous advance single in form of a video-clip here:

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