UK thrashers KING ABYSS unleash the venomous Snake Oil on Feb 24th


In times of desperation they are always there; the liars, the deceivers, the thieves grasping for your last penny, your last mouthful of food, your last treasure wrapped in the tattered paper of memories. When the tides of despair rise so high they drown everything you know to be true, they will step from the shadows with a bottle of hope, priced at just everything you have left. While the tanks roll over the bodies of our children and the fires rage out of control, they will pour their snake oil on the flames – smiling while the serpent’s coils tighten their grasp around our world…

Raging hard against the heartless opportunists and holding the morally bankrupt to account are UK thrashers King Abyss, armed to the teeth with machine gun riffs, delivering their payload with fearsome precision and devastating impact. Debut full length album Snake Oil is a powerful, muscular take on the classic thrash attack, with a contemporary venom and aggression; but there is also another side to this band. One moment they’re breaking bones with an iron fist, the next they are unwinding glorious melodic guitar lines and exploring startling depths of emotion. The songs shift effortlessly through the gears, from blistering pace and fury to huge ringing chords and headbanging grooves, from soaring, cascading solos into quiet pools of acoustic guitar and reflective vocals. This multifaceted album grabs your attention with the seething firestorm of ‘Weapons Of Mass Delusion’ and doesn’t let go until the final measured notes of closer ‘Nibiru’ have finally faded away. Constructed from modern thrash at its very, very best Snake Oil is a diverse, dynamic set of songs written with ambitious creativity and performed with passion and magnificent musicality.

Building on the foundations laid by their two excellent EPs, Reborn (2017) and …The Destroyer Of Worlds (2018), Snake Oil sees King Abyss scaling new heights and driving forward into new and exciting territories. By never settling for second best, or accepting the merely ordinary when the exceptional can be attained by pushing themselves to the limit and beyond, King Abyss have forged an album that will stamp their name into metal’s collective consciousness for years to come. This brand of Snake Oil delivers on every promise – take a sip and become addicted forever!

New single ‘Eyes Always Watching‘ is out NOW!

Dom Bould – Vocals
Sam Bryan – Bass
Sam Millard – Guitar
George Heathcote – Drums

Genre: Thrash Metal
For fans of: Kreator | Metallica | The Haunted | Sylosis

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