THE HUMAN RACE IS FILTH Premiere “Cloaked In Shame” Video


Death Grinders The Human Race Is Filth have partnered with Decibel Magazine for the video premiere of “Cloaked in Shame,” a song from forthcoming album Cognitive Dissonance. Click to grind at the link below!

The Human Race is Filth will release Cognitive Dissonance on March 10. Pre-order now at

The album’s first single, “Propagating Technology,” was announced earlier this year and is available on Bandcamp.

Sonic violence abounds, as The Human Race Is Filth churn out a new slab of death-grinding disorientation. And that’s just the music. Lyrically, the band is back at it with straight-to-the-point content covering topics like mental health, socioeconomic injustice, technology, personal struggle, and privilege. No quarter, no reprieve, no place to hide. Time to duck and cover.

In the band’s own words:

“We wrote this album from August to November 2021 and were really going for straight out Death Grind with a touch of d-beat and Hardcore mixed in. We wanted dirtier guitar and bass tones, more aggressive drums, and more extreme vocals compared to the first three releases and we believe we accomplished those things on this release.”

FFO: Insect Warfare / Vermin Womb/ Obituary / Nails / Extreme Noise Terror 

Track Listing:

1. Life Of Tyrants

2. Apes With Christ

3. Electronic Caterpillars

4. Bastardized

5. Cloaked In Shame

6. Hopes Wavered

7. Propagating Technology

8. Vomiting Strings Of Human Decay

9. Tribal Injections Of Division

Notes on the Recording Sessions:

Recorded at The Kaleidoscope Lancaster PA November/December 2022.

Engineered and Mixed by Ben Roth. 

Mastered by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust (mastered Power Trip/Lord Dying/Toxic Holocaust/Poison Idea/Coliseum/ & more).

Vocalist Kasey had his Son (toddler) speak in the beginning of “Life of Tyrants.”

There was a noise track recorded on every song throughout the entire recording, sometimes prominent in mix, sometimes faint.

Had an issue with the bass guitar day of recording and was lent a bass from Kuyler from the band SLEEPSCULPTOR (Mathcore Psychos on Silent Pendulum Records) at the last minute, literally the day the bass tracks were laid down!

Artwork by All4Band Design



Paul Folk – Guitar / Noise

Kasey Harrison – Vocals / Bass

Brett Rebman – Drums


Formed as a duo in 2017 by Kasey Harrison and Paul Folk, both played in numerous bands together. The goal was to write and release some extreme music and play some gigs. After three releases, their friend Brett Rebman joined up on drums in 2021. The Human Race Is Filth was shut down during the pandemic having to cancel and not able to play any shows like everyone else.

Kasey Harrison – some past/current bands – Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Paul Folk – some past/current bands include – Exterminance (MD Death metal – currently active),Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Brett Rebman- some past/current bands include Punctual (punk Hardcore) – Phlegm (PA – grindcore) –Gangrenous Flesh Consumption (slam – currently active) and more.

The Human Race Is Filth has played a lot of shows, mostly on the East Coast of the United States and some shows in Canada (Ontario / Quebec). Current plans are playing shows and weekend warrior stuff in the Spring with the new release and tour in the Summer (US/Canada for sure – Worldwide if opportunity presents itself).

The Human Race Is Filth Website

THRIF on YouTube

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