Crust punk, black metal and grindcore collide on GORGONCHRIST’s delirious debut – Fish In A Mountain

The jester stands amidst the flames, surveying the death throes of the world. His motley garb is scorched and smoking, torn and dishevelled, while his cockscomb hat has long since lost its bells. Kings crawl through the ashes at his feet, crowns slipping from their heads as they weep for their approaching end. Yet the jester sheds no tears for all that has been lost, or all those that are still to die. He neither rails at the futility of existence and the unfairness of fate, nor searches the sky for deeper meanings to it all. He does not revel in the horrors or cower before the coming of the dark. Instead he throws back his head and laughs; laughs at the whole ludicrous affair…

Raucous, vicious and as raw as an open wound, Gorgonchrist are here with their incendiary concoction of crust punk, black metal and grindcore – laced with black humour and absolute irreverence. Debut album Fish In A Mountain was recorded in a single day at The Noise Cabin in Huntingdon UK, with the caustic storm of acidic mockery and skin shredding sonic violence being wrestled into submission by James Burke (The Infernal SeaCelestial Sanctuary etc). This album is the authentic sound of a band in full flight, with no click tracks, overdubs or studio trickery, just extreme noise and attitude captured in the moment. These songs, from the insanely catchy ‘Pedos Have Small Hands’ to the blackened filth of ‘Abduction By Candlelight’ and the spiky speedball of ‘Dick Pic Graveyard’, are an explosion of unhinged laughter at the wicked absurdities of human existence, a heartfelt ‘so fucking what?’ to all troubles great and small. If your agenda for life includes being offended then it’s probably best to walk on by, but if you understand that the ability to laugh at all that assails us might just save your life, then pull up a chair, there’s a bottle of warm piss and alcohol with your name on it.


Formed by ex-members of ShadowflagVoltane and Lord Misery, Gorgonchrist are a new band with a wealth of skills and experience to draw upon. The immediacy of their approach does nothing to hide the ability of the musicians involved in this act of defiance. Superb, jagged riffs skitter across a rugged spine of fantastic drumming and a muscular bass pulse, while the ripped and torn vocals howl above it all. The acerbic attack of Fish In A Mountain is out March 10th so get ready to laugh and dance in the flames.

Jaff – Bass/Vocals
Carps – Guitar/Vocals
Si – Drums

Genre: Crust Punk/Black Metal
For fans of: Bone Awl | Trap Them | Fukpig | Bottomfeeder

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