CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM – Italian death metallers unveil new album “Zombology” details


A horde of zombies, a profane and cannibal cult, an alien civilization that is illegally disposing of its cosmic waste on Earth. Mix all this with the sound of blast beats and, in addition to your ears bleeding with pleasure, you will get the new CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM album!
Well yes, the members of the long-running death metal/grindcore band have finally completed their comeback album. The recording sessions took place at the Npas4 Studio in Brescia, under the guidance of Alessio “Ciulaz” Fassoli, former guitarist of the band.
“Zombology” is brutality, ferocity and pure madness. The album consolidates the band’s trademark and brings back the sound that many fans have come to know and love over the years, while the band was playing hundreds of shows all over Europe, including major festivals such as the Heineken Jammin’ Festival and Wacken Open Air. 11 years after the previous record, “One Of Them”, the songs of this new full-length still manage to surprise and excite; a formula as simple as it is effective because it has no rules. No imposed scheme, but nothing is left to chance, starting from the production which is brilliant and monolithic, a real steamroller. Chaos is serious business for these guys!
The cover artwork is by up-and-coming artist Sheila Franco.
The album will be released in CD Digipak and digital formats via Punishment 18 Records/The Spew on April 28th 2023.


Album tracklist:
Plan ten from the outer space
Alien composting  putris 
Nebula noxia 
Cataclysm  caelestia
Zombology – God save the dead
Freak tok
Zombie col cùl de fò
Vegan cannibal world
Infecta et benedicta
Alzati e cammina
Hominun stupidity
Testimony foundation
Watch “Plan Ten From the Outer Space” video:
Line Up:
Giovanni ‘’Willi’’ Biloni – Guitars
Alessio ‘’Ciulaz’’ Fassoli – Guitars
Marco ‘’Necrom’’ Pennacchio – Bass
Francesco ‘’Parla’’ Parlatore – Drums
Paolo ‘’Dr’’ Venturi – Vocals

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