THE DESIGN ABSTRACT Complete The Technotheism Trilogy With ‘Transhuman Ascendant’

Transhuman Ascendant is the new release from Canadain melodic death metal group The Design Abstract. It’s the third album in their Technotheism trilogy. This album closes off the trilogy with a story of war, redemption, and rebirth.


Musically, the band has pushed further than Metemtechnosis into the realm of death metal, with plenty of aggressive, crushing riffs and highly technical drumming. The xixed vocals have also been taken a step higher, with some of the most lush and glowing clean vocals to date, as well as some of the most raw and harsh gutturals the band has yet seen.

Each song on Transhuman Ascendant has been crafted both to contribute to the overall story and to stand alone as a memorable and impactful experience. No matter which song you dive into, you’ll find incredible guitar work, lush scoring and diverse vocals.


01. Secrets Uncovered | 02. Degradation Of The Sacrosanct | 03. Exile | 04. Synthetic Morality | 05. Plaguebringers | 06. The Seer | 07. Unleashed | 08. Manufactured Omniscience | 09. Agents Of Retribution | 10. Pathways | 11. Technotheism I: Singularity Absolute | 12. Technotheism II: Salvation

Transhuman Ascendant | Released February 21st, 2023 on Sliptrick Records

The Design Abstract are:
Voiicide – Vocals/Bass/Scoring/Synth | Logan Mayhem – Guitar/Additional Synth

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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