CROWN OF MADNESS Releases ‘Elemental Binding’ EP!


Dissonant Death Metal duo CROWN OF MADNESS have released sophomore EP Elemental Binding. The EP is available at the following links:

“Delicious unhinged metallic extremes that come with subdued melodics and full brutal elemental power. This is one trve Holy Metal Cow moment.”

– Rock Music Raider

“Their blend of technicality and emotion, light and dark, atmosphere and stank-face riffing showcases a young band facing down a future ripe

with opportunity.”

– Toilet ov Hell

“Heavy, vertiginous, and dark guitars, together with the gloomy voice of Sunshine Schneider, and the skillful and technical execution of Connor Gordan on heavy drums… Reminiscent of bands of yesteryear like Gorguts, or contemporaries Warforged or Septic Flesh.” (9/10)

– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine

“A darkly glittering EP.” (8/10)

– Distorted Sound

 “If you’re needing something more than a second cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the day (or night!) check out Elemental Binding!”

– Female Fronted Power

“An abrasive and stormy work. Phenomenal discharge of instrumental speed, dense, dark settings and a hint of theatrics.” (8.6/10)

– The Dark Melody

“Elemental Binding shows that the combination of classic death metal with the progressive side does Crown Of Madness well.”

– White Room Reviews

“Elemental Binding really shines in the sharpened riffs technical aspect, melding things together more evenly. Which in turn creates a more intoxicating mix of precision and atmosphere that at times feels horrifyingly claustrophobic. At moments, flowing like a stream in many different directions and at other times, in your face techy brutality.” (4/5)

– Metal Epidemic

“Dark death metal in a rather technical approach. The pieces are overwhelming and, through the variety of overlapping structures, thick as lava.”

– Apocayptic Rites

“Their willingness to mash a death metal heart into other influences continues to make Crown of Madness more interesting than most.”

– Real Gone

“Blast beats soaked in sorrow and dark melody cut through like a chainsaw.”

– Metal Noise

“A project of a formidable efficiency which knows how to couple violence and speed with other elements, like melancholy.”

– Acta Infernalis

“The guitar has an absolute leading role based on riffs that move between impossible tempos, alternating various guitar tracks, which add a tremendous depth to the songs. The melodies move between dissonance and melodic passages worthy of the best melodic Death Metal of the 90s.”

– Broken Tomb Magazine

With their second EP, CROWN OF MADNESS brings you a penetrating mix of the technical and the dissonant, as well as devastating lyrical themes that will leave you sorrowful. Elemental Binding is the second and final EP on the road to the duo’s full-length debut album. The EP serves as a representative sample of the direction CROWN OF MADNESS will take on the future full-length release.

FFO: Ulcerate, Warforged, Gorguts, Septicflesh, Atrae Bilis

Track Listing:

1. Immortal Eyes (feat. Matthew Pancoust)* [Video]

2. A Wrenching Nostalgia

3. Roots, Limbs and Sky

4. Vile Sun

*Guest guitar solo


Music / Lyrics: Sunshine Schneider

Music: Alex Nicol

Music / Production: Connor Gordon

Mastered by: Stu McKillop


Vocals / Guitar: Sunshine Schneider

Drums: Connor Gordon

Line-Up (Live):

Vocals / Guitar: Sunshine Schneider

Guitar: Alex Nicol

Bass: Richard Crowdis

Drums: Connor Gordon

Crown of Madness on Spotify

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