Scotland’s INGRAVES to release the raw power of their debut EP, Human Abyss on March 10th


Hailing from central Scotland, Ingraves are a band of remarkable power and intensity. Their brand of gritty, raw metalcore is infused with a fierce determination to tackle difficult questions and give honest answers, to bare their wounds unashamed and offer a strong, supporting hand to those lost in the killing vortex of emotional struggle. This is not easy listening and there are no fake smiles to hide behind. With their debut EP Ingraves present a bloody, uncensored trip through the black hell of the Human Abyss.

The five songs that together complete the bleak, horrifying architecture of Human Abyss send you spinning through the darkness into a pit of despair, rage, rejection and nerve-shredding anxiety. Riffs are delivered like traumatic hammer blows from every angle; they circle, slithering, then attack with horrendous force. The ragged, rabid vocals unleash a venomous torrent of grief and fury, an acidic storm that dissolves defences and layers of pretence. Completed by a granite rhythm section that grinds the blackened, broken spirit into a new resolve, hard as diamonds, Ingraves are an explosion of fearsome, cathartic savagery. There’s a sense of redemption to be had within the sonic violence, but the transformative process is going to hurt.

While the global pandemic and despondent slough of the accompanying lockdown restrictions sucked the will to create from many bands, Ingraves embraced the unnerving uncertainty and battered it into a truly intimidating set of songs. They emerged bruised but unbroken, carrying Human Abyss with them. Step into the darkness of Human Abyss on March 10th, face your demons and beat them down.

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