I MISS YOU, C……. – Catalina. Atmospheric, depressive black metal from Tragedy Productions

I have raged at your passing, at the injustice of what fate has handed to me; but my fury is burnt out. I am defeated and I count my days in tears. Regret walks behind me, a shrouded, skeletal figure of judgement that stalks my every step, endlessly whispering the litany of my failings. How I failed you. How, in truth, there is no injustice in my sentencing to this void, that this empty darkness is no more than I deserve. I will exist solely to remember you, a chalice to carry thoughts and dreams of you into eternity so that you may never be forgotten. The stars will turn to dust before you are forgotten…

“…if the sky were you, I would never close my eyes again …”
 – David Cofré

Born from loss and the desperate need to find a new path through a life reduced to a wasteland of sorrow, I Miss You, C……. is the creation of multi instrumentalist David Cofré. The songs that comprise the album, Catalina, are each imbued with an array of tumultuous, conflicting emotions; from the shocking emptiness of despair to the terrifying tornado of grief that threatens to tear us apart, the grinding bite of guilt and regret to the painful beauty of precious memories. The guitars possess a brittle fragility even in passages of blasting velocity or vast black chords, the sound of a heart always teetering on the brink of breaking. Reflecting the nature of grief each song is a long and complex creation, moving through an array of states of being – bitter, broken, longing and lost – and always there is that ghost of memory, those shades of melody that wind their way like threads of gold through the bleak black and grey shadows. David Cofré has opened up his heart and soul in his search for spiritual redemption, pouring out a river of pain. Yet despite the intensely personal nature of his work, Catalina speaks in a universal language and examines the harshest of emotions that will visit us all on our journey through life. Diving into this flood of agony is a searing experience, but a cleansing one too, as our own sorrows are drawn to the surface and washed away in Catalina’s tears.

The four expansive songs that form the Catalina album have been augmented by two additional demo tracks for this beautifully packaged physical release from Tragedy Productions. They add an additional layer of understanding to David’s story as they reach back even closer to the source of his grief, the beginning of the Catalina story. Upon its April 7th release this Chilean project will undoubtedly become a sought after treasure for all fans of the most emotional atmospheric and depressive black metal. With I Miss You, C…….’s Catalina David Cofré brings you the soundtrack to the long dark nights of your soul.

David Cofré – Everything

Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal
For fans of: Unreqvited | Silencer | Be Persecuted | Lifelover

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