Scott Michaels (formerly of Virgin Idol) announces new band SEPULCHRA with 2 new singles

Scott Michaels has announced the formation of his new band SEPULCHRA, along with the release of two new singles available on the Virgin Idol Records Bandcamp page.

SEPULCHRA was started just four weeks ago, after Virgin Idol frontman JR Preston departed the band due to his lack of interest in the heavier, thrashier direction of the music. At this time, Scott does not wish to speak on the subject of Virgin Idol’s disbandment, but he has stated that he has no desire to search for a new vocalist to replace Preston.

The two tracks released by SEPULCHRA under the V.I.R. banner are notably heavier than the initial direction of Virgin Idol, with the addition of 80’s thrash and shred-style guitar flair. There are comparisons to be made to the European thrash movement of the late 1980s, but with a modern twist of its own. Kevin Talley, formerly of Suffocation, Napalm Death, Six Feet Under, and more, performed session drums on these tracks.

“The disbandment of Virgin Idol was indeed disappointing to me personally and not a subject I wish to discuss at this time, but I realize at this juncture that the music I’m truly passionate performing, I can only look to within myself to discover. I have been in a number of bands over the years large and small, and enough to know that I don’t enjoy the personal abuses that come along with them. SEPULCHRA has offered me the opportunity and outlet to do just what I love doing. I look forward to what is ahead for the band and will look to session musicians for SEPULCHRA as needed.” – Scott Michaels

Check out 2 new singles from SEPULCHRA on the V.I. Records Bandcamp page:

Proclamation, by SEPULCHRA:

Infectious Whisper, by SEPULCHRA:

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