Canada’s One Man Melodic Black Metal MALICE DIVINE Video “Usurping The Paragon” Is Ready To Instigate The Mosh Pit At 218 BPM

New Album “Everlasting Ascendancy” Out Now!

Pictured – Malice Divine (created by Ric Galvez)

Canada’s one-man melodic black metal Malice Divine helmed by guitarist Ric Galvez is ready to get fans going and prepped themselves for a live lineup coming soon!

Today, get ready for a quick smashing assault at 218 BPM with the latest video for “Usurping The Paragon” off the recently unleashed sophomore album “Everlasting Ascendancy”.

“The fastest song on the album, as well as the fastest Malice Divine song yet. This one will incite some insane mosh pits when performed live. This is also the most aggressive Malice Divine song yet as well. It has 3 guitar solos, the first of which was improvised in the studio. Lyrically the song is about becoming the best at what you do.” adds Galvez.

Watch and listen to “Usurping The Paragon” via its premiere on Slam Worldwide YouTube channel –

“Everlasting Ascendancy” is the second album from Canada’s one-man black metal project Malice Divine, following up their much acclaimed self-titled debut in 2021. Able to work freely without creative impediments, Ric Galvez has poured his passion into this album and it shows. A lot of the songs have complex song structures, but there is also a lot of catchiness and melody to make this album a very memorable listen, nonetheless. He shares his excitement for the release:

“I am incredibly excited to finally have the sophomore Malice Divine album “Everlasting Ascendancy” released into the world! With this album, I am aiming to have the listener feel empowered and inspired to go after what they want in life and not settle for less. The message of Malice Divine is one of empowerment and that message can be found throughout all 8 tracks on “Everlasting Ascendancy” in some shape or form. I poured my heart and soul into this album, which will be apparent both musically and lyrically. Despite the music obviously being extreme metal, that doesn’t stop me from writing about very personal matters. All in all, I am incredibly proud of this album, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

“Everlasting Ascendancy” is a dynamic experience while also being an overall more aggressive album than the first one, especially in the vocal delivery. There are still plenty of melody and classical guitar sections, which is a major part of Malice Divine’s sound. The solos on this album are even more virtuosic than before as well.

All songs on “Everlasting Ascendancy” were written by Galvez who enlisted session drummer Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Birds of Bellwoods, Co-Host We’re Talkin Drums, Overkill Reviewer Banger TV) to hammer them out. The album was produced and mixed by Tyler Williams (Sludgehammer, Monolithic Productions) and mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit). The album artwork was done by Eka Saputra (Psychopart).

Malice Divine intends to deliver a listening experience that is highly memorable and one that will leave the listener feeling empowered and wanting to listen to it again and again. They are recommended for fans of Watain, Thulcandra, and Dissection.

“Everlasting Ascendancy” was released on January 27, 2023.

Digital album at

Guitar Playthrough – Apparitions of Conquest –

Guitar Playthrough – Silenced Judgement –

Lyric Video – Everlasting Ascendancy

Fun Fact – Ric Galvez (Malice Divine) has appeared on Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal (Seasons 1 and 2).


Track Listing:
1. Silenced Judgement (4:10)
2. Apparitions Of Conquest (8:22)
3. Usurping The Paragon (6:07)
4. At One With Infinity (6:06)
5. Parasitic Demons (5:39)
6. Reclaimed Strength (5:31)
7. Illusions Of Fragmentation (8:39)
8. Everlasting Ascendancy (8:10)
Album Length: 52:44

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Malice Divine
• All songs written by: Ric Galvez
• Produced by: Tyler Williams
• Mixed by: Tyler Williams
• Mastered by: Jamie King
• Album Artwork by: Eka Saputra (Psychopart)
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Lineup:
Ric Galvez – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Dylan Gowan – Drums (Session)

For more info: | |

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