NEKUS – German/Italian Blackened Death Doom Necromancers Announce Hideous Debut 2LP – Track Premiered At No Clean Singing


We’re proud to announce that German/Italian cave-dwelling sepulchral blackened death-doom primitives Nekus (formed by current and past members of PutridariumInto CoffinHaditOmnivore, and Bestial Warfare, among others) are about to emerge with their hideous debut 2LP “Sepulchral Divination”, over fifty minutes of aphotic, downtuned subsonic horror emanating from the wretched bowels of the abyss.

Comparable in sheer ugliness and inhumanity to other slowed down sepulchral death and doom metal abominations like Grave UpheavalMossAnatomia, and Encoffination, Nekus are conjurors of a lightless subterranean realm somewhere between the pits of hell and the center of the earth where existence may assume horrific forms and where life as we know it is impossible. Indeed this monstrous, fifty-plus minute crawling nightmare of horrid, telluric mummified death doom is not something of the plane of being or of surface-dwelling, air-breathing and light-needing existence. Rather, a decomposing, lightless, sinkhole of putrefied sonic emanations opening an abyss unto the dimensions below the earth’s crust, where eons of putrefaction, fossilization, gravitational crush depth and infernal magmatic upheaval perpetually beholds the inaccessible omnipotence of death and inexorably calls all surface life to it.

To coincide with the album’s announcement the track “Katabasis” has been revealed by No Clean Singing, with the metal blog stating that the band’s music sounds “horrifying and hopeless, supernatural and suffocating“ – you can check out the feature and track HERE.

“Sepulchral Divination” is slated for an April 7 2023 release via Sentient Ruin on silkscreened 2LP, CD, MD and digital versions worldwide and all formats are now pre-orderable via all our channels.

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