Montreal’s MILANKU Release Mystical And Melancholic “À l’aube; nous sommes disparus” Off “À l’aube” Out March 2023

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From the start, Montreal, Canada’s Milanku hammers out its brutal character, infused with melancholy, even dystopia, and standing straight upright on the wire: defiant, shouting, and inspired. Mesmerized by the warrior’s rage, flayed by its own doldrums, the quartet relies on pared-down arrangements and an oft-staged vocal presence, harmonizing like an instrument, and howling at the big time, but plastered with a disquieting sense of dilettante. They are gearing up to share their fifth album “À l’aube” with the world in March, but just before that is releasing the single “À l’aube; nous sommes disparus” (At dawn, we disappeared), which they share their thoughts on:

“This is the most musically emotional track of the album, this song starts off as a sweet guitar melody and slowly turns into a storm featuring Erika’s voice as the grand priestess of this storm that everyone is trying to escape. The lyrics in Swedish and French make it even more mystical. The album is poignant, and intense, heavily influenced by the emotions of despair and loneliness brought on by the pandemic.”

The lyrics of Milanku are written in the form of text per album. Once the music is composed, the lyrics are composed. The lyrics and the flow are inspired by the music and the feeling it gives them inside. They are inspired by Milan Kundera and more precisely, his works of “La lenteur” and “La plaisanterie”. Once the text of the album is composed, the sentences are divided from one song to the other of the album. The music, the lyrics as well as the live performances of the group are very much influenced by the daily life of each one where we are plunged into a reality where everything goes very fast.

Intense, with heavy broody melancholy, Milanku is recommended for fans of GYBE!, Neurosis, and Envy.

Watch and listen to “À l’aube; nous sommes disparus” via its music video premiere on Doomed And Stoned HERE.

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The album “À l’aube” is due out March 31st, 2023 via FOLIVORA (Canada), D7i (Canada/USA), and Moment of Collapse (EU).

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Show Dates:

March 31st – Ausgang Plaza – Montreal. QC – Info


Track Listing:
1. À l’aube; de leurs silences – 10:54
2. À l’aube; il sera déjà trop tard – 8:04
3. À l’aube; prêchant la mauvaise nouvelle – 5:43
4. À l’aube; de la grande tristesse – 4:55
5. À l’aube; nous sommes disparus – 8:41
Album Length: 38:16

Album and Live Band Lineup:
François Lemieux (Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals)
Carl Ruest (Guitar, Vocals)
Guillaume Chamberland (Bass, Vocals)
Guillaume Boudreau-Monty (Drums)
Jean-François Bourbonnais (Guitar)

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