French ORDALIE Stream “Mass Of Perdition” Album At Black Metal Promotion


Today, Paragon records release ORDALIE‘s debut album Mass Of Perdition, the album is now streaming at Black Metal Promotion channel in full, check this out here:

Order album here:

From the members of Aldaaron comes a darker more brutal black metal beast. This was originally envisioned as a demo that was to be released by Engulfed In Darkness however the label folded before it could be realized and over time this instead became a full-length. There are elements of ambience and darkness that help you escape this mortal coil. An empty cold feeling is projected. At one moment they crush your skull with some of the fastest blasting ever heard once again delivered by Morkk with the distinct rasp of Ioldar tearing through the atmosphere while others they take you to a heaver darker place. Killer riffs, some chanted vocals, surround the dark void they create, and you can drift away as you choose.

Ordalie is a black metal band formed in 2011 by veterans of the french scene.
Ordalie‘s music is inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and the literary philosophy of cosmicism.
The lyrics emphasize the insignificance of humanity and its doings in the face of an indifferent universe and the coldness of the eternal dark space.

Album tracklisting:
1. Projection
2. Monotony of the eternal void
3. Resurrection
4. Cyclopean wanderings
5. Destroyers
6. Mass of perdition
7. Endless

Let the great elders awaken
Asleep in the abyss of time
Unholy worship never ceased
Waiting for the dawn of execution

Lord take me away
In this cold eternal void
That my soul wanders away
In this void full of black stars

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