ÖRNATORPET – New single from the upcoming album

Today we present the first single from the upcoming Örnatorpet album which is due for release on May 5, 2023.

Listen to “På jordrygg ett slott är rest” here:

Örnatorpet commented:

As the album opener, “På jordrygg ett slott är rest” immediately sets the tone for “Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran”. Listen, and you’ll be transported to a desolate world where evil forces threaten the very fabric of reality. The title translates to ‘On a drumlin stands a castle’. The castle provides temporal shelter from the horrors lurking outside; it represents a bastion of hope in an otherwise hopeless world, and the music reflects this theme of resilience and determination. It invites you to explore the depths of your imagination and lose yourself in a world of darkness and fantasy.

Örnatorpet – “Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran”

“Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran” is the seventh album of Sweden’s leading dungeon synth project, Örnatorpet. Modern music without the trappings of modernity; nostalgia and longing channelling the spirit both of timeless classics like Fata Morgana, Mortiis, and Wongraven and recent genre greats such as Erang, Old Sorcery, and Vindkaldr.

For those who believe the genre of dark dungeon music to be narrow, Örnatorpet stands as a living, breathing rebuttal. Each release has its own thematic foundation upon which the compositions rest. “Bergtagen” (2018) captures the sense of rustling leaves in autumnal woods. “Hymner från Snökulla” (2019) crackles with soul-piercing frost drawn straight from the heart of winter.

“Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran” offers the same sense of natural wonder and medieval melancholy, but with strong underpinnings of existential despair and dread of the unknown. Spoken-word samples now play a more prominent role, skilfully implemented to drive home emotional points raised by the otherwise wordless music. Ominous titles and foreboding tones fit to provide a score for the endtimes – the soundtrack of a stellar apocalypse.

Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran” will be released on all relevant formats by Nordvis on May 5, 2023.


Örnatorpet was founded in Borås, Sweden, in February 2018. The nameless artist behind the project cites nostalgia as his primary driving force. He wanted to provide a soundtrack to imaginary tales of fantasy using inspiration drawn from folklore and the natural world. The same year, he caught the attention of Nordvis – a collaboration which soon thereafter resulted in the release of “Bergtagen”. Since then, Örnatorpet has become an essential part of the tight-knit Nordvis community.

Örnatorpet commented:

After a lengthy period of dormancy, a wave of inspiration suddenly hit me last year and I had no choice but to find an outlet for it. The result is “Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran”. This album is like a saga that gradually reveals itself to those who are willing to discover it; there are no absolutes here. It’s up to the listener to determine how the story plays out – the titles, samples, and music merely serve as guides. I’m proud to once again present new music and honoured to do it in collaboration with Nordvis. I hope you like the music as much as I do.


1 – På jordrygg ett slott är rest (’ On a drumlin stands a castle’)
2 – Likt ett rött sken ur fjärran (’Like a crimson glow from afar’)
3 – Fientliga stjärnor stiga (’Hostile stars are rising’)
4 – Midnattens mara är över oss fallen (’ The mare of midnight has fallen upon us’)
5 – Världsalltets stränder blinka (’ The cosmic shores twinkle’)
6 – Den nya tiden blickar ned på jorden (’The new age gazes down upon the earth’)
7 – Lyss till den röst som sjunger (’Heed the voice that sings’)
8 – Människornas hav (’The ocean of mankind’)
9 – Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran (’Always an outlander, forever distant’)

Release date: May 5, 2023

Formats: CD, LP, Digital

Pre-sale link:

Scheduled single titles and release dates: 
Single 1 – “På jordrygg ett slott är rest”, March 17
Single 2 – “Lyss till den röst som sjunger”, April 14



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