ENDORPHINS LOST – Cvlt Nation Premieres “Fear Him” Video From Pacific Northwest Powerviolence Outfit


Pacific Northwest powerviolence outfit ENDORPHINS LOST today unleashes their video for “Fear Him.” Now playing at Cvlt Nation, the track comes off the band’s Night People full-length, released last month via Rotten To The Core and To Live A Lie Records.

Boasting fourteen devouring tracks, Night People was recorded by Brandon Hayden at the Sunroom in Prescott, Arizona during December 2020 and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer in Oakland, California in February 2022.

Notes Cvlt Nation, “On ‘Fear Him,’ ENDORPHINS LOST tells a scathing story of the people who take advantage of our stratified society to collect on trauma. With jagged punk riffs and head-stomping percussion, ENDORPHINS LOST wants us to see that we’ve created a predator’s playground, somewhere where people can go missing and those who care are silenced and ignored. And most of us are passive predators, happy to let our worst thin the herd while the rest get fat…”

Read more and view ENDORPHINS LOST’s “Fear Him” video, shot and edited by Brian Lewis/Digital Decay Films, at Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Night People is out now on limited edition vinyl and digitally. Find orders at Rotten To The Core HERE, To Live A Lie Records HERE, and the ENDORPHINS LOST Bandcamp page HERE.


This life gets harder every day. No one comes to the aid of the helpless and the streets are filled with the voices of the anguished and disenfranchised. May it come as some comfort that ENDORPHINS LOST continues to echo the sound of the compromised through ripping fury, fire, anguish, violence, and pain until a better future presents itself. The band has evolved mightily since its inception in 2010, refining their raw grind/crust rudiments by shaping the sonic landscape to be a more focused and controlled chaos. Combining the simplicity of hardcore punk with manic flourishes of stop-and-go powerviolence and at times diving into plodding sludge passages, the music has ascended into a more calculating predator and less of a feral beast.

ENDORPHINS LOST’s lyrical content has always been a scathing review of the treatment of mental health and the dereliction of duty when it comes to the state of the average person’s social equity. With Night PeopleENDORPHINS LOST sheds light on the lives of the “underclass;” the ones who know what life is like in the blood, filth, and shattered glass of a life unwound. The music is just a reflective representation of how the lyrics feel: a caged ferocity that lies dormant, silenced by time and now clearing its path.

“Night People is a straightforward record, bridging stomping hardcore with stop-start powerviolence, an album that would fit on the shelf next to your favorite Spazz record.” – Decibel Magazine

ENDORPHINS LOST’s songs don’t buzz or whir; they pummel and thunder, full of rage and explosive volume (and near continuous, raging explosions)…” – Dusted

“Night People is just as much mood as it is a specific collection of songs. You’re here because you know the thing is short and explosive, and the moment you hit play that’s exactly what you get – ferocity converted to noise and the process between unleashing enough energy and heat to thaw out cavemen.” – No Clean Singing

“… a straightforward burst of blastbeats and breakdowns with lyrics that challenge the status quo. Fans of Spazz, Despise You and other West Coast powerviolence should tune in ASAP.” – MetalSucks

“Inspired by the all-too-real struggles of mental health in modern times, frustrations with the systems that do so little to help – and particularly based upon those people who inhabit the darkness, the forgotten and the damned and the left-behinds – Night People puts all of that understandable anger in words and riffs and rhythms and noise. It’s not a pretty sound, but then again, it’s not a pretty topic. It’s dirty, and it’s violent, and that’s exactly how it should be.” –  Last Rites

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