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Today, Greek black metallers Heretic Cult Redeemer premiere the new track “Grave Sophia – Breath of the Night” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated third album, Flagellum Universalis, set for international release on April 21st via III Damnation Productions. Hear Heretic Cult Redeemer‘s “Grave Sophia – Breath of the Night” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Formed in 2009, Heretic Cult Redeemer was created in Athens by Funus (ex-Acrimonious), D, and T. A few months later, V (ex-Embrace of Thorns, ex-Acrimonious) joined the band with the aim to record their debut album, the self-titled Heretic Cult Redeemer, which was released in 2013. V left the band, and C. Docre (Acrimonious) and N3, completing the lineup Heretic Cult Redeemer‘s eventual second album, Kelevsma, released in 2018.

Never ones to rush nor adopt half-measures, Heretic Cult Redeemer have completed their third album, Flagellum Universalis, which features the lineup of vocalist/bassist Funus, guitarist/bassist Tempest, guitarist N3, and drummer C. Docre. Undoubtedly the band’s best lineup yet, suitably do they deliver their strongest recorded statement yet in Flagellum Univerisalis. Nearing a full hour in length, the album is literally MASSIVE as well as ceremonial, invoking a new era for Heretic Cult Redeemer as well as reinvigoration of orthodox/religious-style black metal. Never forgetting their more death metalled roots, the band’s gnawing & gnarly epics feature as much brawn as brain as they spiral outward from an ominous core.

With form meeting content, the lyrics to the nine-song Flagellum Universalis are indeed heady. The concept of record plunges into the paths of the primeval human urge of opposition to law and structure; it is a profound spiritual and philosophical journey towards Eosphoric self-knowledge. Heretic Cult Redeemer consider themselves as the means, harbingers, and vessels of Luciferian and Promethean teachings, as expressed through the frenzy, of the touch of Echidna.

To date, Heretic Cult Redeemer‘s catalog has been of sterling quality if not unheralded. However, the Greeks’ boldest steps – their first foray into the halls of greatness – now come with Flagellum Universalis. Behold, and redeem thyself!

Continue redemption with the brand-new track “Grave Sophia – Breath of the Night” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Begin redemption with the previously revealed “Intoxication Divine” HERE at III Damnation‘s Bandcamp. Preorder info to be announced shortly. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Heretic Cult Redeemer’s Flagellum Universalis
1. Lunar Reign – Lunar Apogee    
2. Intoxication Divine    
3. Ascending Perfection    
4. Lapsit Exillis    
5. The Woven Chords of Ecstasy    
6. Grave Sophia – Breath of the Night    
7. Eye of the Saturnian Dawn    
8. Primeval Cognition I    
9. Primeval Cognition II


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