Prog Death Metal band OMNEROD set to release expansive new album THE AMENSAL RISE


The Amensal Rise,’ the third full length album from Belgium progressive death metal band OMNEROD, was intended from day one to be heavier and more chaotic than the previous releases. ‘The Amensal Rise,” showcases a more dynamic side to their sound and a more broad emotional range to their approach of genre exploration. 

Specifically written to push the technical abilities and creative boundaries of the band, ‘The Amensal Rise,’ is a concept album with a lyrical narrative and recurring musical themes.  The songs are intended to flow into one another as the tempo gradually increases from the first song to the last. 

Founded in 2009, the band has previously released two full length albums and an EP.  Their sound focuses on melding the extreme elements of death metal with the forward thinking approach of progressive metal.

With ‘The Amensal Rise,’ the band lives in these two worlds while effectively melding them together into one cohesive sound.  This creative vision pushes their music to new worlds while pulling from the foundation of previous sonic adventures. To help explore these new avenues, several notable musicians were recruited as guests: EERIK MAURAGE on classical guitar, FRANK OLIVER JAMES on keyboards, TOM GERMAIN on harmonica and NICOLAS DRAPS and ASTRID BUOL on violins.

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Prog Death Metal Band OMNEROD release today their expansive new album THE AMENSAL RISE


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