SAIVA releases new EP – Inlandsvinter


For a long while now, Saiva has been shrouded in enduring silence. We are pleased to announce that this is about to change.

As a sign of things to come, Saiva unveils “Inlandsvinter” – a two-song EP which sets the tone for life during the winter months here in the Norrbotten hinterland. Both tracks are permeated by an intense but soothing ambience; in lieu of lyrics, the atmosphere itself is a thoughtful reflection of what binds together the people, nature, and spirit world of Sápmi.

Listen to “Inlandsvinter” here:

“Inlandsvinter” was recorded at Nordvis Ljudstudio in the early winter of 2022. The second song, “Snövals över Rajvoheden” – which is accompanied by a music video – is guested by Ludvig Swärd from fellow Nordvis act Forndom in a collaboration that makes for a compelling blend between the two musical phenomena.

Saiva commented:

The footage for “Snövals över Rajvoheden” was shot by my good friend Ludvig Swärd when he visited our property in March 2023. I’m honoured and grateful to have collaborated with him – both on the video and the song itself, in which he makes a guest appearance on an instrument known as kannel.

My ambition with this video was to give an honest view of the sparsely populated Norrbotten hinterland – lodged between the coast and the mountains, this is a region that tends to be forgotten and neglected. I also wanted to provide a visual representation of one of Saiva’s greatest sources of inspiration. On a slightly darker note: the video also shows the ongoing deforestation, which is a big problem that’s been going on for decades.

SAIVA – “Inlandsvinter”
1 – Giesiekevárrie
2 – Snövals över Rajvoheden
Release date: March 24, 2003
Formats: Digital



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