LUCIFER’S FALL – “Children Of The Night” EP album premiere & exclusive interview

For almost a decade Lucifer’s Fall stood as a cornerstone of doom metal in Australia. The most ancient of doom metal traditions provided the foundation of each song and the occasional injection of punk rock and NWOBHM ensured that the sound was unhinged. Eyes were opened, souls were corrupted, and eardrums were destroyed by their impressive body of work encompassing a number of splits, demos, EPs, and three full-length albums. Then in late 2022 the group announced that they were disbanding, moving on to new musical projects, and leaving their wicked legacy behind.

But before committing themselves to the grave Lucifer’s Fall has one last invocation: Children of the Night. The band’s final EP sums up what they were able to accomplish by dragging listeners into the forbidden depths once more. Children of the Night features four brand new songs as well as a revised rendition of the eponymous Lucifer’s Fall. This is their swan song and there is no holding back – each track is a hymn to the darkness, filled with the howling vocals, pounding rhythms, devilish leads, and fiendish energy that define the band’s profane style. This is the end! Embrace it and the true spirit of doom! Children of the Night will be available from Morbid And Miserable Records on CD and digital platforms on April 7.

ARTIST: Lucifer’s Fall
ALBUM: Children of the Night
LABEL: Morbid And Miserable Records
RELEASE DATE: April 7, 2023
GENRE: Doom metal
FORMAT: CD and digital
FOR FANS OF: Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus, Cardinals Folly

Track listing:

  1. Children of the Night
  2. Doom In The Grave
  3. Fight With The Beast
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Lucifer’s Fall (2022 Version)

Recommended for fans of:
Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus, Cardinals Folly

Deceiver – Vocals
Heretic – Rhythm Guitar
Invocator – Lead Guitar
Cursed Priestess – Bass
The Hammer – Drums


Hi Phil, could you please introduce us the band Lucifer’s Fall? Sadly, it’s about to be disbanded and still, there are people who couldn’t even get to know you – but it’s never too late. Please try to sum up the years that have passed!

Lucifer’s Fall is a 5 piece traditional doom/heavy metal band with a hint of punk attitude. From Adelaide, South Australia, formed originally as a solo project in 2013 which quickly expanded into a full band. Over the last 10 years we released 3 albums and a large number of splits, EP’s, compilations etc. So there is plenty of material to check out if people are interested. Most of the released material released received fairly decent reviews and we put on energetic live shows when we got the opportunity.

Following the last year’s split, here’s a brand new EP entitled “Children of the Night”, out in April, with four new tracks and one revised song. How much different is it compared to the “III: From the Deep” album? Do you consider it the perfect ending for Lucifer’s Fall?

It’s quite different from III: From The Deep. I think because it’s an EP it’s quite varied in the type of songs it contains. There are a couple of slow tracks and a couple of fast ones. You could even say that Judgement Day is a thrash metal track. Overall it just feels a little different to the rest of our previous work. The Invocator wrote the music for three of the new songs and I (Deceiver) wrote most of Judgement Day. The Hammer recorded and produced it, so production-wise it has a bit more of his influence in the final result. I don’t know about it being a “perfect ending”(I don’t think we’ve released anything I’d call perfect), but it is an ending with some cool songs to listen to.

Traditional doom is not at all the most popular genre, especially in Australia. In what extent were you hoping for significant success with your previous releases?

I guess you always hope for some kind of relative success with whatever you are doing but I definitely never really expected any significant success. In the end, it generated enough to pay for most of the recording costs and any physical products we decided to self-release. So it’s not all bad. Ha ha.

Do you think you would have had more opportunities if you were a European band?

Probably, mainly as there is a larger audience for this type of music in Europe.

You pull down the shades following three full time releases, several demos, EPs, and a split material. Can you imagine that you’ll revive Lucifer’s Fall at some point again?

Definitely not as a live entity and I’d say the chances for more studio releases are pretty slim but I wouldn’t 100% say never.

For those who are curious: do you have any other projects that you are involved in and would like to recommend?

Personally I have three other things that I’m working on. I have Solemn Ceremony which is a pure traditional doom project. It has The Invocator playing lead guitar in it. I expect the third album will maybe come out next year sometime (it’s about half recorded at the moment). I have another project called Zlórtcht which by coincidence has an album released on the Witches Brew label on the same day as the new Lucifer’s Fall (April 7). Zlórtcht is a primitive Celtic Frost/ Hellhammer worshiping project with hints of doom and punk where I am helped out by Shayne of Eldritch Rites on lead guitar. I also have the debut Caprahed album coming out (probably download only) sometime this year. It’s about three-quarters finished. I’m playing everything on it. It contains Doom, punk, 90’s Alternative, blues and some proggy influences although overall it’s mostly doomy. It’s my ’anything goes’ band. Ha ha.
The Invocator, Cursed Priestess and The Hammer are continuing as a new band. So hopefully people should be able to check out their progress in the near future.

The band was formed a decade ago – that was the time, when the instruments were first played. How enthusiastic were you in those early days? Do you think it takes luck to make music or is it more about money?

I’m always enthusiastic about making music and I never really expected any kind of success, so I guess not much has changed in that time. Ha ha. I guess the more business you have to involve yourself in, the less fun it becomes. I pretty much just like coming up with new music. Everything else (all the bullshit that goes with it) I can pretty much do without. I think to be successful in music you need to be good at what you do of course, but mainly you need contacts and people of influence to champion your cause. It’s cynical but in my opinion it’s pretty much all about who you know. There is definitely a degree of luck and of course having money to spend doesn’t hurt.

Phil, please write us a couple of closing remarks – let they be a farewell to the fans!

OK, I just want to thank everybody who has helped us out over the years, whether they be labels, reviewers or fans. But especially the fans. I really appreciate everyone who has ever bought, or listened to and enjoyed anything by us over the years. I know that it is difficult to get noticed when there are so many other things around to listen to, so anyone who has clicked on a link and thought that’s pretty cool and then followed it up…. You fucking rule! And if you haven’t checked us out, it’s not too late. We may be dead and buried but the music will live on. Fuck you…. We we’re Lucifer’s Fall.

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