SIDUS ATRUM releases a new single “Sny Kriz Stolittia” (Dreams Through The Centuries)


Ukrainian Blackened Death Doom project SIDUS ATRUM becomes a band of two and releases a new song.

The new SIDUS ATRUM single “Sny Kriz Stolittia” (Dreams Through The Centuries) released today.

Listen here:

The project was originally formed in 2015 by Yulia Lykhotvor (music, lyrics, vocals). In 2022 after successful collaboration with Serhii Lykhotvor as a guest musician on the second album “Spiral Of Life” he joins SIDUS ATRUM as a regular band member.

Sidus Atrum was founded in Kyiv at the end of 2015 by Yulia Lykhotvor who is a composer and the only member of the project. First album “Cold Silence” was released on September 11, 2019 at Loneravn Records. It contained 5 songs of blackened death doom metal telling the story about inner struggle and acceptance of one’s essence.

In 2019 Yulia Lykhotvor participated in vocal collaboration arranged by Death Doom band Clouds and in March 2020 the song “Path Of Sorrow” was released together with the studio video.

In 2020 Sidus Atrum released a single “Ghost Song – Lullaby Of The Lost” together with Margarita Arabadzhieva, a singer from Clouds Vocal Collaboration. Music was composed by Yulia Lykhotvor and lyrics by Margarita Arabadzhieva.

In November 2021 Sidus Atrum was signed by Kvlt und Kaos Productions for the new album release. The second album “Spiral Of Life” consists of 6 songs/ 40 minutes of Atmospheric Black Doom metal with some avantgarde elements. There were two special guests for the album. Serhii Lykhotvor (Sad Alice Said) helped with clean guitars and arrangement. Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Daius, Eye Of Solitude) recorded guest vocals for the song “Rain Brings Your Voice”.

The main idea of “Spiral Of Life” is еру cycle of rebirths of the soul, its choice of incarnation in a mortal shell, life, death, and return to eternity. The album was released on March 11, 2022.

In 2022 after successful collaboration with Serhii Lykhotvor as a guest musician he joins Sidus Atrum as a regular band member.

The first song released by Sidus Atrum as a band is a single Сни Крізь Століття,  recorded during summer-autumn 2021. This song is a logical continuation of  “Regression” from “Spiral Of Life”. It tells of memories about past lives, of two personalities of one soul meet in their dreams, separated by centuries, realising they are the one.


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