ORDEM SATÂNICA set release date for new SIGNAL REX album, reveal first track

Today, Signal Rex announces May 5th as the international release date for Ordem Satânica‘s highly anticipated fourth album, Perpetuum Satanas, on vinyl LP format.

The name Ordem Satânica should be more than familiar to those who follow the crimes of Signal Rex, or indeed the Portuguese black metal underground, which has risen to international prominence in the past decade. In that time, the shadowy collective have released a flurry of recordings, first as demos and splits and then the monumental Monte de Lua debut album in 2017 – each one grimmer and more ghastly, more hypnotizing and harrowing, as the one that preceded it – firmly establishing OrdemSatânica as modern-day atavists and furthering the infamy of their Aldebaran Circle (Trono Além MorteOccelensbrigVoëmmr, and Degredo et. al.).

And while it had been four long years since an album arrived – and two years since their split with Adytum, all via Signal Rex – Ordem Satânica slipped by the full-length Perpetuum Satanas at the very end of 2022 on tape. Now that fourth full-length fittingly finds release on vinyl to carry forward its malignant march. Indeed, Ordem Satânica are locating an elusive magick here where the harsh & harrowing soundfield of olde sees something like refinement, rendering their bewitching black metal in its most penetrating form. Whereas “refinement” in many bands’ hands spells a death knell, in Ordem Satânica‘s, it’s ever so subtle and only intuitive – an effortless grasp at primordial energies that are then harnessed into spiraling screeds of hauntingly tuneful obsidian. Verily, the band’s always-understated melodicism takes on more prominence across Perpetuum Satanas, giving their no-less-demonic pulse an exceptionally ethereal quality: the gutters boil over, and the fumes rise like wraiths to torment the chaste and pure. It is with no hyperbole, then, to state this is arguably Ordem Satânica‘s finest work.

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track “O Sacrifício Final (para Satan)” HERE at Signal Rex‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

ORDEM SATÂNICA_cover230404

Tracklisting for Ordem Satânica’s Perpetuum Satanas
1. Trilho Ceremonial
2. Cidade dos Mortos
3. Templo de Merda Humana
4. Putas, Sémen e Sangue
5. Sob a Influência… de Satan
6. Vermelha Visão de Outrora
7. Moribundo Sicário de Satan
8. O Sacrifício Final (para Satan)

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