Fiadh Productions Stream “FROM DREAMS TO LIVING THINGS” Charity Compilation At Decibel Magazine


Decibel Magazine has premiered From Dreams to Living Things, Fiadh’s benefit compilation for Transform A Street Dog (

All digital revenue will support this on-the-ground rescue in Ukraine. You can purchase the album at a name your price cost to help benefit the organization.

This compilation was finally realized after seeing the vital work being done by Transform A Street Dog, a nonprofit organization on the ground in Ukraine rescuing animals from an active warzone, treating them and providing medical care, and finding them foster and permanent homes worldwide. The organization’s goal is the same as Fiadh’s: to make the world a safer and more compassionate place for animals, especially those in acute danger. This compilation is set at name your price to encourage everyone to not only donate what they can if they’re able but to check out the artists who volunteered to be a part of this incredible cause through their creativity and talent.

The label will also be putting together a compilation to benefit animal welfare in 2024.



  1. Alda – Drawn Astray
  2. Alkilith – An Axe Frozen In The Mountain Of Time
  3. Ardente – Sur les Nuages Étincelants
  4. Ashenspire – Plattenbau Persephone Praxis
  5. Aster Wreath – North Star Lilac Pulse
  6. Avulse – We Are All Code
  7. Besna – Revúca
  8. Black Birch – Scour
  9. Black Stag Rising – Little Wolf
  10. Book of Sand – where were you before prohibition
  11. Burden – Гей, соколи
  12. Bury Them And Keep Quiet – Soil Sacrifice
  13. Careus – Vita
  14. CJ Yacoub and Robes of Snow – Places of Wonder (In the Dead of Winter)
  15. Continuous Revelations – Spruce Against a Field of Stars
  16. Crown of Asteria – Far Shooter Of The Moon
  17. Dratna – Ships From The Nordland
  18. Falls of Rauros – New Inertia
  19. Felsenmirror – Fear in a Handful of Ash
  20. Ghostbound – Katabasis (2010 instrumental demo)
  21. Hail – Hound of Heaven
  22. Hamleypa – …und nichts ist geblieben
  23. Hellstorm Of Flaming Nothingness – Asterism
  24. It Is Dead – Cathedrals Burn
  25. Jenn Taiga – Forlorn Winds
  26. Josh Lown – Rauf and Snitter, Home, Eternally
  27. Kromosom – Paranoid
  28. Lust Hag – Vampyric Realm of Mysterious Visions
  29. Nocturno Volvo – Journey Into The Drift
  30. Non Somnia – The crows will be satiated with your eyes
  31. Northumbria – Harbinger
  32. Oculi Melancholiarum – Océano gris
  33. Panopticon – Speaking (2023 re-recording)
  34. Perceptified – The Apparition Of The Spectral Hounds
  35. Rauru – Old Village
  36. Sallow Moth – Seal of Primordium
  37. Santillán & Leleth – West (’21 Demo)
  38. Snawfuss – Old Wisdom Dwells
  39. Spectral Lore – Moloch
  40. Starer – II-Kantilena
  41. Striborg – Through the Melancholy Tunnel of Despair
  42. This White Mountain – Before I Go
  43. Tumultuous Ruin – Until this dystopic hellscape exists nevermore
  44. Tveir Látnir – De Sânge
  45. Tyrannus – Light the Last Sun
  46. Uamh – Grìan
  47. Unreqvited – Anhedonia
  48. Vin de Mia Trix – Tranquilized (Live at Truba)
  49. Woods Of Sith Cala – A Sodden Pathway
  50. Yellow Eyes – The Solid Chime Of Matching Bone With Harder Strength

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