CRÈME FLESH and Comatose Music bring you the wicked humour and savage brutality of Casablumpkin on May 5th

Hailing from Ontario, Canada Crème Flesh are an explosive cocktail of farce and fury – a nail bomb in cartoon animal wrapping paper. Behind clownish jokes that reflect mankind’s endless obsession with bodily functions and sexual experimentation they unleash a damning musical judgement on our idiocy, a firestorm of merciless slamming death metal brutality with the power to bring our ludicrous existence to an end. The jarring juxtaposition of frivolity and flesh-flaying musical firepower makes for a battering and bewildering listening experience.

The debut album from Crème Flesh, Casablumpkin – a title inspired by the FX adult animated sitcom, Archer – features eleven tracks of unseemly ridicule and unfathomable heaviness, kicking off with the surging riffs and masterful drumming of ‘Astroglide Homicide’ before sliding seamlessly into the wild tempo changes, seething guitars and utterly inhuman vocals that make up ‘Femme Fecale’. It’s a non-stop assault from there to the crushing conclusion of ‘PTSTD’, with barely a pause for breath or a double-entendre laden intro. While Crème Flesh are a new entity on the extreme music scene the band members have all served time in other acts (VesticationBrain SpasmSerene Molestation etc) and all that experience is clear in the bestial vocal exhortations of Matt Hilden, the breathtaking drum battery of Allen L., the powerful bass presence of Rory Kennedy and the skull shattering riff mastery of Sophokles Theodoru. Underestimate the bulldozing power of Crème Flesh and Casablumpkin at your peril.

The mind warping savagery of Casablumpkin will hit the streets on May 5th, thrust rudely into your reality by the invasive might of earth’s premier death metal record label, Comatose Music. Killers in clown makeup, Crème Flesh are coming for you and you’ll be laughing and slamming all the way to the grave.

Immerse yourself in the raging repulsion of Crème Flesh at the Comatose Music YouTube channel – where first single ‘Elbow Deep On Dirty Sheets’ is streaming now!

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