Finnish drama metal band GOTHONY, formed in 1993, released their first official single and music video Patient 2442

Promo pic by Kimmo Jaatinen

Finnish Helsinki-based Drama Metal band Gothony released their first official single and music video Patient 2442 via Inverse Records. The band is founded in 1993 so it’s about time don’t you think? The track is taken from the upcoming debut album which is set to be released later in 2023.

WATCH Patient 2442 music video:

Bass player Väiski Syväoja comments the single:
PATIENT 2442 is a masterpiece of drama metal composed by Mika Uusitalo. When perfect drama and metal combine, the result is this. When I heard the song for the first time, I immediately knew that I had to get my very good friend Kata Samula to sing on this. The song screamed for Kata’s beautiful voice and the end result is like a perfect musical that you don’t want to end. 

The initial idea of the song starts in 2021 and is the first composition after Gothony’s Reunion (2019). After the joint arrangement work, the song was ready in 2022. For me, this is one of my favorite songs, Why, of course, because of the happy bass at the end of
the song. After all, the bass is the most important thing in music, or maybe just after the bass player

Väiski continues about the music video:
“When we decided to continue Gothony ́s journey in 2020, that’s when I decided that at least one music video should be made. When we chose the first single song to be Patient 2442, I created a synopsis based on it. I didn’t want to make a music video of just the band playing, but for the video to have story and leave the conclusions to the viewer. I am very grateful that Kimmo Jaatinen came along and we finished the script together. Kimmo also took over the directing, filming and editing of the music video. Many thanks go to the entire professional music video crew who joined this project…”

Guitarist Miika Peräkangas comments:
“Rough grinding in beautiful madness. Beautiful as Dawn, treacherous as The sea.
A gemstone of Drama metal…” 

Vocalist Wuohi concludes:
“Beautiful melancholic and melodic riffs that create a soundscape of sorrow supported by drums that push the momentum forward. Vocals reflect the eternal sruggle between the light and the Dark. A journey into a mind that has lost its soundness.”  

LISTEN Patient 2442 single on streaming services:


Gothony was founded in 1993 with the line-up

Mikko: drums and vocals

Mika: guitar + vocals

Miika: guitar

Väiski: bass

This line-up released two demos in the 90s in 1995 (Gothony) and 1997 (Hidden thoughts). Gigs mostly in the capital region, e.g. Oranssi klubi, Semifinal and at the legendary Thunder Road House.

In 1999, the band broke up. There was no drama in the breakup, but everyone went toward different directions in life. In 2019, it was decided to reassemble Gothony to revive the past and play old songs. Mikko, who handled the vocals in the original line-up, gave the vocal responsibilities to Wuohi of the 90s group’s Bleed me tears and Katharsis.

In 2020, Gothony went to Tuska-Torstai and Emergenza to get a feel for live show’s. After the gigs, a decision was made to start working on new songs and continue Gothony’s story.

In April 2023, it’s time to release a new song as a single and a music video . The full-length album will be released in autumn 2023.


Wuohi: Vocals
Mika Uusitalo: Guitar
Miika Peräkangas: Guitar
Väiski Syväoja: Bass
M.Toivonen: Drums 
Guest vocals on Patient 2442: Kata Samula


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