ENDEAVOUR Takes A New Look At Metalcore With “Aimless” Off Debut Album “For The Time Being”


Endeavour is a metalcore band that consists of five musicians from The Netherlands. Through beating drums, memorable melodies and captivating guitar parts, Endeavour has made clear they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their music ranges from hard-hitting and energetic to melodically atmospheric and catchy. Their debut album “For The Time Being” is a powerhouse of an initial release and is sure to grab the ears of listeners around the world. The next introduction to the full-length is the single “Aimless”, and the band explains the track and their forthcoming album:

““Aimless has a huge chorus and breakdown and a lot of energy throughout. The lyrics are inspired by conspiracy theories. As for the albums, the tracks don’t necessarily link to one another by telling one overarching story. There are also songs that go for a more subdued attitude throughout the whole track. ‘Black Box’ for instance, has a kind of calming and uplifting feel to it and then there’s a heavy hitter like ‘Aimless’ that harmonically opens up in the chorus, hinting at that calmer feel without losing energy..”

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According to the band, “For The Time Being” is heavy yet melodic with a focus on harmony. It is a bit eclectic at times, but that makes the album varied and thus exciting. It was important to them to not limit themselves to just breakdowns. They have dutifully created a contrast between softer and heavier parts making the heavier parts hit even harder.

Endeavour has learned a lot throughout the last couple of years and has been focusing more on playing with the contrast between lush ambient soundscapes and a direct and impactful modern metalcore sound. “For The Time Being” is recommended for fans of Bad Omens, Northlane and Sleep Token.

“For The Time Being” is due out June 16, 2023.

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Track Listing:
1. Definite (3:28)
2. Blur (3:17)
3. Black Box (3:26)
4. Aimless (3:17)
5. Colourblind (3:01)
6. Sober (4:15)
7. Breathe (3:48)
8. 127 (3:12)
9. For The Time Being (3:43)
Album length: 31:27

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Endeavour
• All songs written by: Endeavour
• Produced by: Tommie Bonajo, Anthony Scheijen
• Mixed by: Tommie Bonajo
• Mastered by: Tommie Bonajo
• Album Artwork by: Anthony Scheijen

Album Band Lineup:
Gijs Smeets – Vocals
Anthony Scheijen – Rhythm Guitar
Rob Heyen (Blur, Colourblind, Sober, For The Time Being) – Lead Guitar
Vincent Kuijpers (127, Black Box, Definite, Aimless and Breathe) – Lead Guitar
Jan te Velde – Bass
Teun Wolfs – Drums

Live Band Lineup:
Gijs Smeets – Vocals
Anthony Scheijen – Rhythm Guitar
Rob Heyen – Lead Guitar
Jan te Velde – Bass
Teun Wolfs – Drums

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