Dark Essence Records Announces Details Of New Album From Thrash Metal Veterans NOCTURNAL BREED


When S.A. Destroyer (aka Svartalv – ex. GEHENNA, SATYRICON)  formed NOCTURNAL BREED in 1996 he saw the band as  both an homage to the Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal waves of the 80’s, as well as a reaction against the softening of attitudes within Metal in general, and the growing  commercialisation of the Black Metal scene.
What followed was plethora of releases, culminating with the band marking its 25th Anniversary in 2021 with the release of their “Face Your Aggressor” double album.
Today NOCTURNAL BREED continues to spread terror and destruction in its wake, but this time in the form of a trio, which, aside from S.A. Destroyer on Vocals and Bass, includes T. Terror on Drums and Vocals and I. Maztor on Guitars. And you can rest assured that their shredding is pure, fearsome, NOCTURNAL BREED, with some outstanding old-school heavy metal thrown into the mix.

And with the new lineup comes a brand new album, the band’s seventh to be precise, which will hit the streets on Dark Essence Records on the 23 June. Titled  “Carry the Beast”, the album is a  wholehearted look back at what inspired the band and the extreme metal scene. The  fact that it was recorded without the use of modern equipment evokes in the listener all those emotions that come with the time-honoured traditions of Metal.

Reflecting a lot of the darker aspects of humanity that have crept to the forefront of society over the past 2-3 years, the fearsome intensity of the compositions tears its way mercilessly through “Carry the Beast”, creating an album full of unbridled hate that feels as raw as a war wound. 

“Carry the Beast” was recorded at the Necrolab Studios and at NOCTURNAL BREED’s private “Bunker Studios”. With Front Cover & Logo Adaption by Andrej ‘Maggot Meister’ Bartulovic & All Things Rotten., track listing for “Carry the Beast” is as follows:

  1. Carry the Beast                                                                
  2. Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)
  3. Knights of Denim
  4. Salt the Wounds
  5. Atomic Cruiser
  6. Raise the Flag…And the Hordes will Follow
  7. Nosferata
  8. Lady Vampire
  9. I Ain’t Marching Anymore
  10. I Felt Nothing (CD bonus track)
  11. Trench Fever (CD bonus track)
  12. Blitzhammer (CD bonus track)

Carry the Beast” will be available in CD, Digital, Vinyl and Limited Edition Transparent Red vinyl and can now be pre-ordered from the following:

US Webshop:

As ever, NOCTURNAL BREED would like the last word:

Give’em Hell, take no shit from anyone, and Carry the Beast with splendour your own way!

More information about NOCTURNAL BRED can be found on the band’s  Facebook page at

NOCTURNAL BREED’s 15th Year Anniversary video for the track “Resistance is Futile” can be seen at


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