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Female fronted melodic metal band CYDEFECT from Estonia has released a new music video “MOMENT OF PEACE“. 

You can listen to our new song on YouTube:

The song is also available on all major streaming platforms, all of them accessible here:

The video “Moment of Peace” was filmed seven meters deep underground and carries a deep pain and sadness for both the war in Ukraine as well as all other war zones. “It`s crazy how people attack and destroy each other. We shouldn`t just stand by and watch, but find a way to help and stop these massacres,” said the singer.

In a short time the song has already received lots of positive feedback from around the world, including France, Finland, England, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, and of course Estonia.

Cydefect has been active for nearly ten years. The band captivates the audience with delicate crystal-clear female vocals, beautiful melodies, dark riffs and high-quality production.

The band gained wider recognition and popularity a couple of years ago when they released their single “HEAL” which was mixed by Aksu Hanttu (Nightwish, Entwine, etc.) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck from Chartmakers (Rammstein, Volbeat, The Rasmus, etc.)

Listen to “HEAL”:

CYDEFECTIS (unsigned / unlabeled):

Kadri Mark (vocals, lyrics)
Meiko Udras (bass guitar, composer, producer)
Reino Vara (guitar)
Martin Mark (drums)

We truly hope you enjoy our new song “Moment of Peace” and are willing to share it. Thank you very much for your support and interest. For any further information please don`t hesitate to contact us.



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