THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS – Italian black-death metal punks release new single, “Collider”


Italian black-death metal punks THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS have been mostly dormant since 2012’s “Perpetuum”, but have now come out of their long hibernation. The band returns with a new self-titled EP, which is slated for release via Hypershape Records on May 18th 2023.

Today, the band officially release the second single off the EP. Stream “Collider” at THIS LOCATION.

The first single “Voidwalker” is also available HERE.

The Italian black-death metal punks have crafted a release that will hit both hard and direct as well as challenge the listeners with its rich detail and enormous atmosphere. Extreme, yet diverse. Intense, captivating and simply brooding in every form!

The EP marks a new era for a band that has proven to continue to make music of the highest quality despite facing many challenges and line-up changes along the way.

Encompassing elements of black-death metal, post rock, dark punk and more and shrouded under a veil of bleakness, THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS casts its spell and captures an atmosphere that is raw, otherworldly, and ultimately tragic.



01. Collider
02. Endbearer
03. Voidwalker
04. The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself (Today Is The Day cover)

THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS was formed in 2004 as a five-piece scattered all over Italy.

After releasing a 3-song demo in 2005 and a split with the American act Embrace The End in 2006, T.E.O.S.T.Y. quickly gain a cult status in the underground scene publishing “Isolation” (2008), flawlessly blending Swedish death metal, black metal, crust and post rock influences.

In 2012 the band released the second effort, “Perpetuum”, which displayed a darker and more atmospheric approach to their trademark sound.

From the following year, the band limited their activities until entering a hiatus that would last for about a decade.

In 2020 the band slowly started over with a new line-up consisting of 3 founding members (NicolaMatteo and Luca) with the addition of Michele Basso (Viscera///FormalistHypershape Records) and Gianmaria Mustillo (HierophantCarneroAbaton) both taking care of the vacant guitar duties.

The revamped line up brings forth a new EP consisting of 3 brand new songs as well as a cover of the influential American noise band Today Is The Day.

T.E.O.S.T.Y.’s latest opus sounds rawer, more aggressive and dissonant than ever. The mixing process was handled by Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction) making sure those bleak, discordant slabs of punk-infused black/death metal would be as punishing as possible.

During their various runs across Europe T.E.O.S.T.Y. shared the stage with The Ocean, Cursed, Mouth of the Architect, Dead To Fall and Martyr AD, among many others.

Current line-up:

Nicola Donà – Vocals
Gianmaria Mustillo – Guitars
Michele Basso – Guitars
Luca Dalù – Bass
Matteo Borzini – Drums


– Demo (2005, Self Released)
– Split w/ Embrace The End (2006, Still Life Records)
– Isolation (2008, Still Life Records)
– Perpetuum (2012, Self Released)
– EP (2023, Hypershape Records)


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