Scottish metal force DOG TIRED are set to release their fifth album, The Red Verse on June 3rd

Since they first began their musical journey, in Edinburgh, more than twenty years ago, Dog Tired’s progress has been relentless and remorseless. Driven forward by an unflinching work ethic and an unceasing desire to get better, get heavier, to push themselves to the limits and beyond. They have toured tirelessly throughout the UK and Europe, releasing a series of albums, each more potent than the last, with Moshville Times declaring that Dog Tired ‘epitomise what metal is all about’. Now, in 2023, Dog Tired have lifted their sonic assault to a whole new level, delivering a career defining statement with their fifth full length album, The Red Verse

Following a dark and forbidding lyrical path, populated by ancient gods, bloody prophecies and demonic beasts, The Red Verse is the heaviest, most atmospheric and accomplished album that Dog Tired have ever released. Opening with the swirling madness of ‘Fracture’ it rampages onwards through the fire and fury of ‘Of Severed Gods’ and the desolate wastes of ‘Mars’ to the crushing conclusion of the monolithic title track. Built upon an obscene excess of bulldozing riffs The Red Verse is a world eating beast of an album, but it’s propelled towards greatness by combining that feast of overdriven guitars with a sense of drama, an array of barbed, inescapable hooks, an aura of otherworldly menace, huge choruses and underlying melodies. This display of brute force is also enthralling and genuinely memorable.

An album like The Red Verse is the result of all stars aligning. While the band’s creative fires have never burned higher, resulting in a superbly crafted set of songs, those songs have been blessed with a magnificent sound courtesy of Jamie Gilchrist of King Witch, who worked alongside Dog Tired at Nameless City Sound to capture the fierce power of The Red Verse. The final perfect touch has been supplied by artist Laura Gilchrist – also of King Witch – who has brought the band’s visions to life in the cover artwork and booklet design. Dog Tired will unveil The Red Verse with a special launch show at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh on June 3rd and from there the next chapter in their story will begin in earnest.

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