UK Progressive Death Metallers RANNOCH Releasing ‘Conflagrations’ in July on Willowt


UK Progressive Death Metal band Rannoch unveil their new opus, Conflagrations, a 52-minute cut of untamed evolution. Willowtip Records will release the album on CD, vinyl, and digital formats on July 21.

Toilet ov Hell has premiered the album’s first single, “Daguerreotype,” which will be available on all digital platforms on May 5. Album pre-orders will be available on the same day. Stream “Daguerreotype” now at the following link:

Accompanied by Australian drumming legend, Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris, Black Lava) the seven tracks contained within Conflagrations open up new levels of musicality, punishing aggression, melancholic refrains and winding aural avenues of dark depths and complexity. Produced by Ian Gillings and mixed by James Stephenson (Cradle of Filth, Onslaught, Ghosts of Atlantis), Conflagrations represents a new hybrid of progressive death metal.

Originating from the UK’s West Midlands, Rannoch offer a refreshing take on the progressive death metal subgenre with focused extremity, fastidious technical precision, and rich song writing skills. Swathes of ethereal clean vocals, dark ambience and dynamic shifts accompany sledgehammer brutality and savagely intense screams.

Track Listing:

1. Degenerate Era

2. Prism Black

3. Threads

4. Conflagrations

5. Daguerreotype

6. Earth-Recycle

7. Threnody to a Dying Star


Recorded and produced by Ian Gillings at the Rannoch studios, Warwickshire, England, between January and October 2022.

Drums engineered and recorded by Troy Mccosker at Bushido Studios, Melton, Australia during January 2022.

Mix and master by James Stephenson for Stymphalian Productions, York, England.

Artwork by Kishor Haulenbeek – Lowell, Massachusetts.


Album Line-up:

Ian Gillings – Guitars, vocals, synths and electronics

Richard Page – Guitars

Paul Lloyd – Bass

Dan Presland – Drums


Rannoch’s debut album was released on Eulogy Media (Damim, talanas) at the end of 2013 and received exemplary reviews far and wide, including a massive 4.5/5 from Zero Tolerance and 7.5/10 from Terrorizer.

A follow-up EP entitled Age of the Locust was released in 2015, featuring cuts left over from the BTW sessions.

During the tumultuous years of 2020, the sophomore album, Reflections Upon Darkness, was finally unleashed upon the world. With a more evident polar shift between intensity and chilled movements, Rannoch pushed the extremity between these two planes further than ever before, leading Metal Hammer UK to proclaim potential to be included amongst the UK death metal elite and an 8/10 review.

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