Forest Synth Artist “GOTHROG” Unveils “The Trees Have Secrets” Album

Gothrog‘s “The Trees Have Secrets” is a combination of atmospheric synth music and dark folk that blurs boundaries between nature and sound.

Gothrog, a one-man forest synth project, has just unveiled his latest album, “The Trees Have Secrets“. With this release, Gothrog delivers a mesmerizing blend of atmospheric synths and traditional acoustic instruments, seamlessly weaving together sonic landscapes that take the listener on a journey from the freshness of springtime forests to the shade of damp dungeons and beyond.

Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings and a deep reverence for nature, Gothrog’s “The Trees Have Secrets” is an immersive and otherworldly experience that defies genre boundaries. The music is ethereal and evocative, lulling the listener into a dreamlike realm where synthetic and organic sounds merge into one cohesive experience.

The album was digitally released by Savo-Karelian Productions.


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