Blackened Doom Metal act LOATHER announces new album; releases mesmerizing first single “Holler Your Name”!


Following their latest EP “Haganvelt” (2019), June 23rd will see the release of “Eis”, the debut full-length record by Blackened Doom Metallers LOATHER, which will be coming out on Vendetta Records. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, LOATHER have been continuously blurring the lines of European underground metal since 2016, releasing a demo, two EP‘s and sharing the stage with acts such as GggoldddUlthaWiegedood, Windhand and more. Being their first proper full-length album, “Eis” sees the band taking their unique blackened narcotic metal to new, at times unexpected territories – rest assured that the end result will ignite your heart while chilling you to the bone at the same time.

With the track “Holler Your Name” LOATHER have released the first single today. Listen to the track through your favorite streaming platform or right here:

Themes of loss and longing run through the DNA of “Holler Your Name”. The first single of upcoming album “Eis” (out on Vendetta Records on June 23rd) by Austrian post-“post-metal” band Loather starts out as a blackened mid-tempo dirge, all yearning guitar lines, soaring vocals and cavernous screams – which makes the melancholic ending passage of mournful, almost ecclesial bass and ethereal sighing even more effective.” The band comments.


Tracklist reads as follows:

  1. Ephemeral
  2. Holler Your Name
  3. Mortuary
  4. Eis
  5. Lost Sight
  6. Proper Burial

As the name suggests, “Eis” (German for “ice”) is a rather chilling affair and while it is not a concept album at heart, themes of loss and interpersonal struggle can be heard in the soothing voices and desperate screams strewn across the icy landscape. Rooted in the groups signature narcotic approach to metal music, reducing the records atmosphere to mere genre tags would do their versatile worldbuilding through sound wrong: it’s not the direct influence of blackened or doomed metal that renders the nebulous haze of tracks like “Holler Your Name” so eerily effective – the key to this darkness lies in its successful blending of honest feelings with a lack of restraint when it comes to passionate delivery of good old heaviness.

“Eis” will be coming out on June 23rd via Vendetta Records and is now available for digital pre-order at THIS LOCATION. Physical formats to follow with the release of the album. 

For more info visit:

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