Canadian hardcore act HELLBENT Unleash Three Videos In One


When your whole record is only 11 minutes long and you want to make a music video, what do you do?  Write longer songs?  Spend money on production for a 17 second song?  We did neither.  In fact, we spent the exact amount that Spotify pays us per year – $3.78.

First we dressed up like bees because we have a song about bees and messed up traffic on a busy street, and then we forgot that we did that and made a rap rock looking thing on a bench.  Two blunts later, we still had a camera and got excited and shot a super chaotic video for Slow Songs with an umbrella and a hammer.  

So 3 videos later, we mashed it all together and called it dinner.  Enjoy!

Save The Bees/ Benchman/ Slow Songs

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