PRONOSTIC – Montreal Prog/Tech Melodic Death Unit (Fleshgod Apocalypse, ex-Gorod) Launch Chaotic Upheaval Album Stream At Invisible Oranges


Montreal progressive/technical melodic death metallers Pronostic have partnered with Invisible Oranges to launch an early album stream of Chaotic Upheaval. Ahead of its release this Friday, May 12th.

Invisible Oranges comments
Pronostic offers an unexpectedly jubilant approach to technical death metal. As the band crafts deeply philosophical tales on their new album Chaotic Upheaval, they do so with an obviously joyful approach to a genre that might seem to be the antithesis of that. This album will kick your ass, I should clarify, but it puts a smile on your face all the while–the Montreal melodic technical/progressive death metal outfit have mastered this improbable art. Even on repeated listens, Chaotic Upheaval continuously surprises, at first astonishing with sudden shifts and new sonic territory, and then later revealing hidden intricacies.”

Release Information
Montreal, Canada-based technical/progressive melodic death metal unit Pronostic is extremely proud to announce their upcoming sophomore album, Chaotic Upheaval. The album is set for release on Friday, May 12th. Chaotic Upheaval sports cover art from Filip Ivanović who is known for his work with bands such as Origin, Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Augury, and many more. The album’s superb production is courtesy of Cryptopsy guitarist Christopher Donaldson in Montreal. Where records by bands such as Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, Atræ Bilis, First Fragment, Ingested, and many more were in part or entirely created at. 

Active since 2010, Pronostic made their mark live and in the studio early on with their well-received 2012 EP, Deviated Inner Spectrum. In 2015, the band released its debut album, An Atomic Decision, to critical acclaim worldwide. As is often the case when we grow older, there is less time for artistic pursuits and so Pronostic would continue on while in a hiatus of sorts for some time as its members remained busy with work and other obligations. Until the 2020 pandemic allowed the band to find the time to move forward with the creation of what would become Chaotic Upheaval.

Chaotic Upheaval is more than just the band’s return, it is an evolution and expansion of their already established technical/progressive melodic death metal sound driven in part by the contributions of numerous new musicians. Joining the band’s pre-existing members on Chaotic Upheaval is Killitorous, ex-Ignominy fretless bassist extraordinaire Xavier Sperdouklis. Francesco Ferrini from Fleshgod Apocalypse performs with the band for the first time as well and adds a new dimension to their sound with his beautiful piano playing and exquisite string arrangements. Session drums on the album were recorded by renowned drummer Samuel Santiago who is known for his drumming with Gorod, First Fragment, Black Crown Initiate, and many others. A litany of killer guest spots add even more to the effort but are so numerous that they are listed in full below in order to cover everyone involved.

At its core, Chaotic Upheaval musically splits the difference between Obscura at their most melodic and Death inspired, and Beyond Creation at their most progressive death metal driven, bombastic fretless bass-focused, and groove-inflected. The end result will appeal heavily to fans of both of those bands but will also be loved (and remind many a listener) of the multi-faceted approach to technical/progressive melodic death metal explored by Allegaeon and Augury. The album will also appeal to fans of other bands that Pronostic cites as having influenced Chaotic Upheaval which includes Cattle Decapitation, Lorna Shore, Ne Obliviscaris, Virvum, and Irreversible Mechanism.

Pronostic – Chaotic Upheaval Line up:
Charles ”Butcher” Pilotte – Low Vocals / Guitar
Alex Lauzon  – High Vocals / Guitar
Xavier Sperdouklis  – Fretless Bass (Killitorous, ex-Ignominy)
Samuel Santiago – Session Drummer (ex-First Fragment, ex-Gorod)
Francesco Ferrini – Keyboards & String arrangements (Fleshgod Apocalypse) on track 1, 4, 6, 7,10

Guest Musicians:
Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) – Guitar Solo on “Concealed Parasite”
Marc Roy – (Killitorous) Guitar Solo on “Concealed Parasite” (Killitorous)
Sam Hampell – Saxophone on “Massive Disillusion”
Morane Chabot – Guitar Solo on “Massive Disillusion” 
Alex Pelletier – Guest Vocals on “Massive Disillusion” & “Bare and Wretched”
Fannie Tassé Lessard – Guest Vocal on Massive Disillusion” & “Bare and Wretched”
Krissy O’Shaughnessy – Guest Vocal on “Massive Disillusion” & “Bare and Wretched”

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