ÓREIĐA release new album “The Eternal”


Simultaneously channeling and challenging the traditions of Black Metal, Icelandic artist Thor has created a hypnotic, haunting and sublime work of Art. ÓREIĐA‘s new album “The Eternal” is now officially released via Debemur Morti Productions, taking the listener on a spiritual journey of steep peaks, meditative plains and the deepest abyss. Listen here:

Composer Thor describes the album:

What begins as an attempt to get a deeper understanding of my connection with nature evolves into the relationship nature has to the planet, the planet has to the solar system, the solar system has to the universe and the universe has to the eternal. With chaos. With the eternal static.

The concept was also based on the Myth of Sisyphus and in particular Albert Camus’ take. It is a climb through the eternal. You find your path, you cross the rivers, you make the climb and then reach the apex only to find yourself faced with the eternal. There is no end, only the journey, and the journey goes on forever.

The Metal press has praised ÓREIĐA‘s new long-player for its evocative atmosphere:

The album’s production is simple and raw, and so perfectly adequate to the musical concept. The songs themselves evoke an atmosphere of coldness and alienation, while, at the same time, “The Eternal” sounds sublime and full of grandeur due to the seemingly endless and hypnotic repetition of the melodies.” (Legacy)

It’s as if the music of ÓREIĐA is coming from under a thick blanket of snow. […] Thor has created a musically, atmospherically & conceptually unified album with a unique approach.” (Hammerworld)

The spiritual aura that permeates ÓREIĐA‘s whole work makes the music even more evocative and ritualistic. “The Eternal” is a truly enjoyable record with an original feel. Recommended for lovers of THE RUINS OF BEVERAST and DARKSPACE.” (Rock Hard Italy)

The music here that ÓREIĐA creates not only is imaginative, it can be the soundtrack to your own exploration as you strive to gain a better hold of your place in the galaxy.” (Meat Mead Metal)

The Eternal” is released via Debemur Morti Productions on CD, vinyl and digitally. Orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.


ÓREIĐA is an experimental, atmospheric Black Metal band from the northern parts of Iceland. Having grown up with the classics of the 90s, ÓREIĐA‘s music is both a study of the intricacies of these legendary albums as well as an exploration in how far typical Black Metal elements can be stretched and pushed in new directions.

Starting with “Demó I” ÓREIĐA unveiled a handful of demos and a split before releasing the self-titled debut in 2019. Praised for its unique sound, Dutch Pearce from Decibel stated: “In a genre mired in tradition and thronged by lifeless clones, ÓREIĐA already stands out as a singular work of Art!

ÓREIĐA unveiled its new album via DMP in 2023.

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