NEW video clip from KILLIGION (“Awakening My Demons” out from “Killigion” album)


EW video clip from KILLIGION (“Awakening My Demons” out from “Killigion” album)


Killigion is a name made up of the words kill and religion, I think there is no need to explain more, the band arises from the remains of the dismantled Havoc who in 2007 reached its peak and fall with the album “Elimination process” with American Line and stood out in line of a raw, violent and direct thrash metal. At the beginning of 2018, it was intended to reactivate Havoc with a second album, but the estrangement and inactive status of some members led to the creation of this new project.
For 3 years we worked to create the homonymous album who saw the light in physical format before digital at the end of the pandemic 2020, an album that consists of 10 tracks different from each other and that are not boring at all, the sound described in the review of Metal Hammer Portugal aims for touches of Swedish death metal and traces of groove metal infused with thrash metal that are left to stand out.

We feel very satisfied with the work achieved, musically, graphically and lyrically, this work reflects the political and cultural conditions that society is going through, and motivates us to produce new material, our passion for
music would not leave us without doing it, Although we are going through times in which live presentations are not allowed, a form of direct diffusion that the public involved in this style loves, digital technology has allowed us to somehow reach metal-loving fans.




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