COUNTESS ERZSEBET sets release date for new mini-album, reveals first tracks – features XASTHUR collaborator


On July 28th, Countess Erzsebet will self-release her self-titled mini-album on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Countess Erzsebet is the work of Rachel Bloodspell Moongoddess, who’s previously played bass for a number of bands but more recently Xasthur, where she did three tours playing acoustic bass and was on the Aestas Pretium MMXVIII EP. A guitar/bass-maker learning the luthier trade, Rachel plays in Countess Erzsebet her own electric bass and guitar she both built. All instrumentation in the band – guitar, bass, organ, vocals, and programming – is handled by Rachel, with four of the upcoming mini-album’s songs featuring drums by Steve Peacock of Spirit Possession and Pandiscordian Necrogenesis. Trained in classical piano and jazz bass and guitar as a child, Rachel’s unique upbringing is subtly interwoven into Countess Erzsebet.

Previously monikered Erzsebet and having digitally released the nearly-album-length Black Spell in 2017, Rachel’s rebirth as Countess Erzsebet marks a clear, new epoch for the one-woman band. Whereas that previous recording was more than half acoustic and largely instrumental, Countess Erzsebet builds a grimier and ghastlier soundworld where the likes of Goblin, Ved Buens End, Mercyful Fate, Coven, Leviathan, and Bathory all bubble in a murky, mysterious cauldron – and what emerges sounds entirely unique, and entirely Countess Erzsebet. Olde-worlde and unorthodox, Rachel here harkens to lonelier, more vanguard days for black metal, brimming with a bounty of ideas that seem strange on the surface, but all eventually are threaded together with bedeviling witchcraft. With Hammer-horror organ and her whisper-to-a-scream vocals at the forefront, Countess Erzsebet here creates a remarkably varied canvas where each track holds its own identity – be it primitive gutter pulse or wandering-in-the-woods ethereality, ultra-minimalist doom or occultic torch song – and they’re then sequenced in a manner that creates an all-consuming experience. And one, above all, that is HAUNTING beyond belief: Rachel’s own music videos and plans for using the mini-album as the soundtrack to an independent short film no doubt render Countess Erzsebet a cinematic work.

Out of the dungeons and into the woods, spells cast and the Self recast, Countess Erzsebet displays a bold & brazen landscape on which to roam with Countess Erzsebet.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Glorification of the Profane” HERE at Countess Erzsebet‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Countess Erzsebet’s¬†Countess Erzsebet
1. In the Blood of Virgins
2. Glorification of the Profane
3. 666
4. Pray to the Devil
5. Obliteration of Thine Enemy
6. Exile Into Depravity


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