DEATH DIES – Italian old school black metal torch-bearers premiere new album “Stregoneria”

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Today, Italian black metallers DEATH DIES are premiering their new album “Stregoneria” in collaboration with Black Metal Daily. Stream the album at THIS LOCATION.

“Stregoneria” is due out on June 2nd 2023 via Time To Kill Records.

With their roots firmly planted in the scene that has supported them from the word go, DEATH DIES are ready to branch out and show the rest of the globe exactly what they’re made of.

is the sum of the influences and different musical experiences of the band members. The album is often characterized by a combination of black and speed metal riffs, intertwined with melodic openings not far from the typical sounds of the Italian and Greek occult and black metal schools. “Stregoneria” exhibits the band’s majestic-yet-malevolent sound in its most powerful form yet, but raw and robust like never before. A culmination of all the hallmarks of the classic sound of DEATH DIES: thick, pulsing guitar walls and straightforward songwriting driving the point home.
The album also features a new version of the EVOL’s classic “Sorrow of the Witch”, which has been re-recorded and updated with a more refined and bombastic production.


01. Argento
02. Lame
03. Riflessi di sogni meschini
04. Impero
05. Abiura l’eterno
06. Mystery forest
07. Vento d’erebo
08. Falce e corona
09. Al Shi’ra
10. Sorrow of the witch

Special Guests:
Andy “Bull” Panigada from Bulldozer: lead guitar on “Argento”
Lucho Sanchez from Blizzard Hunter: lead guitar on “Vento d’Erebo”
Simon Fèrètro from Mater A Clivis Imperat: lead guitar on “Mystery Forest”,” Abiura l’Eterno” and “Falce e Corona”
Mr. Yasuzuky from Abigail: Vocals on “Mystery Forest”

Pre orders:

The band was born in 1995 from an idea of Demian De Saba and Samael Von Martin respectively drummer and guitarist/founder of the legendary Italian black metal band EVOL. The intention was to revisit the sound of the main band in order to offer something more violent, although combined with prog and folk influences.
In parallel with the activity of EVOL, in 1998 DEATH DIES released a split CD with Satanel entitled “When Death Died” via Maggot Records, and in 1997 a 7″ called “The Art of Domination”.
At the end of 1999 EVOL called it a day, so the musicians decided to focus on the composition of the first full-length album. Initially produced by Northern Darkness Records, “The Sound of Demons” was eventually released via “Black Tears Of Death” in 2002.
The band (which meanwhile had become a trio with the addition of Rex Tenebrae, ex EVOL) began playing live both in Italy and France, supporting acts such as Impaled Nazarene, Behemoth and Prejudice among others. In the years that followed, the band recorded two more albums: “Product of Hate” (in 2003) and “Pseudochristos” (in 2006), for BTOD and for the French label Adipocere. In 2011, with the side-project NEGATRON, the Samael and Demian released the album “Tenebre”, which displayed a more ossianic and atmospheric musical direction.
In 2015 DEATH DIES came back with the album “Legione” where several songs from both their own catalogue and from EVOL‘s discography were duly re-recorded.
In 2022 the band switched to a five-piece line-up and began the recordings of a new full-length album entitled “Stregoneria”.



Demian De Saba – Drums
Samael Von Martin – Guitars and backing vocals
Danjal – Bass
Der Todesking – Rhythm Guitars
Viktor Flamel – Vocals and screams


When the Death Died/Under a Scarlet Night (Split) 1998
The Art of Domination (EP) 1999
The Sound of Demons (Full-length) 2002
Rebirth of Evil One (Compilation) 2002
Product of Hate (Full-length) 2003
PseudoChristos (Full-length) 2006
Legione (Full-length) 2015
Legione Patavina (Live DVD) 2016


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