Polish band TRYLION (prog metal/djent) presented a video to the new song, which is a teaser of the new upcoming album!


Polish band TRYLION playing progressive metal / djent presented video to the new song “Black Clay“. This is a foretaste of the new album that the band is currently recording.

The song and video were created almost entirely by the band along with an artist called SHAOEmil Reitan from Icicle Studios – known for example from the band Frostbitt is responsible for the mix and mastering.

Team comment:
The song tells about the fragility of man in relation to nature – it refers to many symbols and metaphors – the existence of man as a small part of the whole. The material published on YouTube contains everything we love – we try to combine art with music, because in our opinion it is inseparable. We’ve been working on the song for quite a long time – it’s definitely the most time-consuming and complex project we’ve worked on. We’re very pleased with the effect and we hope it will find its audience“.


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