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Music is very important to people, and this applies especially to you! You have been present in numerous music works over the years! Could you mention some that you consider outstanding?

Greetings to everyone! Indeed, music carries multiple meanings for people and can have various effects on our lives, and everyone perceives and experiences it differently. I hope it doesn’t sound like false modesty if I practice so much self-reflection that I don’t consider any of my attempts to be outstanding works. I found Nocrul’s album “All Mortal Creatures Must Die” very atmospheric, the new Funebre songs were well-arranged, and I consider the musical world of Rúnaláng unique, although they didn’t have a significant impact on the audience. Of course, it is also true that my music doesn’t reach as many people as probably would enjoy it, but my promotional resources are limited.

The reason for this interview is your latest project named Thomas Khrul, which carries your own name. What was the reason behind it?

TK represents the utmost of my current musical and creative abilities, where I don’t have to consider the boundaries of any particular genre. Here, all the musical influences that I currently enjoy are formed into something new, on a way where all this different things work well together.

So far, 3 singles have been released and all of them provide an excellent experience. Melodic black metal, which in some places could even be a rock ballad or even a soundtrack! Please talk about the compositions!

In recent years, the atmosphere of epic soundtracks, the twisted rhythms of progressive rock, and the musical world of black metal, which captures my musical interest the most. The current TK songs embody this combination, along with other, less noticeable musical influences. The song “Wretched Soul” indeed has the feel of a rock ballad – I was curious what it would be like if the power of the ballad and black metal met with soundtrack undertones and prog-origined parts here and there.

Guest musicians have also played a role in the project. Who are they, and why did you want them?

I wanted to explore the kind of music I could create when I can be not just a musician but also a composer. There are ideas I can come up with, structure, and compose, but my physical abilities or lack of certain instruments limit my ability to perform them myself. That’s why I decided to work with session musicians whom I hire through the platform called Fiverr. Italian singer Daniele Falqui possesses fantastic vocal abilities, while Turkish guitarist Mithat Can Albayrak is equally brilliant on the solo guitar. Therefore, I don’t plan on seeking others to replace them, as they bring their unique talents to the project.

Despite the fact that millions of albums have already been created, I would call your work outstanding and unique. Dynamic, sad, pulsating, varied, dark. From the feedback received so far, what have you gathered?

You are very kind, I really appreciate that you put it so politely, but the reality is that it is difficult to reach the level where a music meets the attention and appreciation of the audience. It seems only the minority of people are like me, who enjoy a wide range of different genres mixed together and do not mind a poetic lyric instead of the usual metal themes.

By the way, why were the songs released as individual singles? Couldn’t an EP have been considered? Do you seek label support? Is there any prospect in that direction?

I prefer the continuous work and find it more enjoyable to have regular releases rather than putting out an album once a year, although there have been instances of the latter as well. I strive to maintain a consistent online presence because most labels find my musical approach too difficult to categorize. Understandably, they tend to prefer artists whose work can be more easily marketed and promoted. Even with more daring record labels, there is a large pool of applicants, and I haven’t had the opportunity yet. Nevertheless, I keep trying and putting myself out there.

What can we expect in the future? Will there be an album or a release with multiple songs?

I have considered that once I have 8-10 TK songs, I will release them in CD format, so that those who appreciate my music can also have access to it in a physical form.

How much of a new challenge is this project for you? How does it differ from your previous works?

It’s like meeting a new person – everything feels familiar, but the details are quite different. Musically, it’s not a challenge because that comes naturally, but the technical execution tends to take up a lot of time.

How much do you think the current style of the project Thomas Khrul can change?

I would say it can change on many way. However, I can confidently say that rock and metal music will always be the benchmark, and I believe I have developed a unique melody and atmosphere that will undoubtedly remain.

What other band or project releases are you working on, or what is currently in progress?

For Assur and Nocrul, I am still waiting for the vocals to be completed. With Militia, we only need the album cover. We are preparing for concerts with Black Altar – this year it’s supposed to be only in England, and next year in Europe and South America. It’s worth mentioning that besides the founder Shadow, the band is reinforced by Les, who previously played in Behemoth. The other guitarist, Dave, also performs in Master’s Call, and on drums, you may recognize Mordrath, who also strengthens the ranks of Andartar. Additionally, there is another project where I submitted the entire album’s musical material about 1-2 years ago, but the mixing process has been dragging on since then. I should mention that James Stewart played the drums for this project, who is known from bands such as Belphegor, Decapitated, and Vader.

I think someone who spends so much time playing music and experimenting must be a very interesting person. What are your interests? How is life in England? 🙂 What are the English like? 🙂

Those who dedicate a lot of time to something are usually introverted and avoid socializing, as it wouldn’t be possible otherwise – and that’s the case with me as well. Last year, I created over 1200 musical sketches, which shows that with such a work pace, there’s hardly any time for anything else. But besides music, I have also written books, short stories, and designed board games, although I have never advertised them on my music platforms; they were mostly created for personal use. Regarding England, I have the usual cliché experiences: there are beautiful and run-down places here, as well as fantastic and foolish people.

Thank you for the answers! I’m really looking forward to the continuation!

Thank you for the interview!



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