1000 Layers of AI-generated Art – TANKIST’s New Music Video Stuns With Imagery


The Estonian metal band Tankist presents their new music video for the track “The Gulag Archipelago“.

With the title referring to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s magnum opus, the song sets the scene for their upcoming concept album dealing with the gruesome topic of Soviet forced labor camps. The band recruited Italian director Moreno Tempini who used innovative AI-technology Midjourney to create the visuals. Containing more than a thousand image layers, the animation is carried out as one continuous shot, taking the viewer on a journey through hellscapes of Gulags.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity to learn more about this atrocious piece of history and I’d like to thank the band for their trust in my vision,” said Moreno about the creation of the video. He added that after several iterations, from the version 1 to the version 5 of Midjourney, he found a way to bring those images to life and create a world for the amazing music made by Tankist. “The whole process has been very inspiring and interesting and I can’t wait to explore it even further,” he concluded.

Tankist’s frontman Kevin Marks described how the Soviet Union’s lust for power and its fury against human nature led to the mental and physical destruction of countless people: “it’s a very painful historical period for Estonians and other East-European nations.” According to Kevin, Moreno understood the band’s wishes immediately and created a positively disgusting and oppressive work of art that not only illustrates this single, but the whole concept of the new album.

Watch Tankist’s new music video:

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Tankist is an Estonian metal band formed in 2013. They sculpt their style around old school thrash, often boldly exploring new undiscovered facets of the genre. After their first raw unembellished years, Tankist already redefined themselves by the audaciously eccentric debut LP “Unhuman”. With the sophomore album “Forced Equal” due on June 28th 2023, Tankist sets off to conquer the darker corners of blackened thrash akin to avant-garde.

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