TAR POND pen deal with Prophecy Productions

Swiss doom visionaries TAR POND have signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy ProductionsTAR POND will re-issue their debut album  “Protocol of Constant Sadness” feat. Celtic Frost legend Martin Ain on bass and their forthcoming sophomore full-length via the label this year.

TAR POND comment: “Hail Satan – we are thrilled to announce that we have sold our souls to Prophecy Productions”, guitarist Daniele Merico writes on behalf of the band. “So far, we have been promised a bunch of free stuff from their store and complete artistic freedom in our sonic endeavours. What more can one ask for? We are delighted to join the Prophecy family and hope to contribute something to their already amazing repertoire of electric protocols with the release of our next record. Love, doom and gloom!”

TAR POND have been added to the billing of this year’s edition of Prophecy Fest!

As a means of introduction, TAR POND present theirvideo-clip ‘Please’ taken from the debut album at this link:

The video for ‘Please’ was originally shot on 8mm film by singer Thomas Ott and drummer Marky Edelmann during a trip to New Mexico where Ott was on assignment to create a travel book for the illustrious fashion brand Louis Vuitton. The clip was completed with help from the magic editing touch of Swiss cinematographer and director Gion-Reto Killias.

Swiss metal has always had a stubborn streak of fierce individuality and creative independence as outstanding acts such as CELTIC FROST, CORONER, and ZEAL & ARDOR easily attest among many others. Therefore it is hardly surprising that a congregation of such strong-minded creative artists as the late iconic CELTIC FROST bass player Martin Ain, former CORONER drummer and lyricist Marky Edelmann, and the renowned scratchboard artist and vocalist Thomas Ott resulted in the formation of a special band under the name TAR POND in 2015.  

TAR POND were conceived with the aim to deliver a soundtrack of brutality and an electric protocol of constant sadness, which the Swiss filed under the description ‘Doom’n’Gloom’ that has also been described as a combination of doom and post-metal. Their debut album “Protocol of Constant Sadness” was originally written and recorded in 2016/17 under the guidance of producer and guitar-legend Tommy Vetterli of CORONER fame. Composer Alain Kupper, who wrote several songs for TAR POND also contributed guitar tracks for “Protocol of Constant Sadness”. Yet all release plans came to a sudden halt when tragedy struck and Martin Ain passed away in October 2017. 

TAR POND decided to continue as a band with Monika Schori taking over as bass player. The Swiss also began to perform live, which at first led to two sold-out release shows at Zurich’s legendary porn cinema Kino Roland. 

Currently, TAR POND are preparing to release their second album via Prophecy Productions later this year.

Current line-up
Thomas Ott – vocals
Marky Edelmann – drums
Stefano Mauriello – guitars
Daniele Merico – guitars
Chris Perez – bass

Style: Doom Metal


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