JAMES RIVERA’S METAL WAVE Premieres DEPECHE MODE Cover & Announces “New Wave Gone Metal” Album!

[photo: Sandra Olivia Soliz]

For those who love 80’s new wave and/or 80’s metal, stand in the light of the darkness, and testify… your time is at hand! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to JAMES RIVERA’S METAL WAVE!

Fronted by the iconic Helstar singer James Rivera, the band will release their much-awaited album, entitled New Wave Gone Metal, on July 28, 2023 via Massacre Records. Get ready for the embrace of metallic, dark, epic and euphoric cover versions of songs by some of the greatest bands of the new wave/dark wave era!

James Rivera comments:

“Make no mistake that to this day I still love each of these songs in the original forms but I have to admit now that we did them in our own metal way, it’s hard for me to listen to them as they were and I know once these new wave classics sink their teeth into you metal wave style, you’ll never listen to them the same either!”

Get a taste of what metal wave sounds like, today, JAMES RIVERA’S METAL WAVE has unleashed a music video for their first album single, a crushing heavy metal cover of the Depeche Mode classic “Black Celebration”! Watch the clip now premiering here:

“As for “Black Celebration” it is a kind of a funny story as well as very memorable and the beginning for my passion of Dark Wave,” James reveals.

“Back in the late summer of 1985 when we had just finished recording “Remnants of War” with Helstar, we had an amusement park here in Houston called Astroworld/ Six Flags and they had free concerts. So if you bought a ticket to the park you could go to the concert afterwards.

Back then it was taboo, if you were a metal head, to listen to that kind of music and vice versa. You practically got your ass kicked by your gang of metal heads. So our whole point even more so now was go and terrorize the nerdy New Wavers, wearing our denim vests with the metal patches with the big one on the back being the Venom one “Welcome to Hell”!” He continues: “We enter the concert grounds and Larry Barragan turns to me and says “Wow dude! These people look more dead than we do!” And as I’m looking around, yep! Everyone is in black from head to toe and dead pale white!! If that wasn’t enough now, Depeche Mode is getting ready to the hit the stage. The stage is completely black, their intro starts, the fog is massive and there is this huge white sheet in front of the entire stage. (which now years later I found it’s called a kabuki drop and we use one when we can for our Metal Wave shows for the beginning). Then the red lights come on and all you see is 4 black silhouettes while they are playing the eerie beginning of “Black Celebration”. When the beat hits, the kabuki drops and then there is the band!! We were floored!!! It was like seeing a King Diamond show but a Dark Wave version of it! We ran up to the front as close as we could and flashed the metal horns to the band and I’ve been in love with this band ever since and the rest is history.

On top of it being the very first song we rearranged and recorded for Metal Wave, that is why it had to be our first more official video for the record and opening track for it!”

New Wave Gone Metal was mixed by Larry Barragan at the Hombre Malo Studio, and was mastered by Robert Colwell at Bombworks Sound Studio. Slated for a release as CD Digipak , Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats on July 28, 2023 through Massacre Records, the pre-sale has just started at THIS LOCATION!


New Wave Gone Metal track listing:

1. Black Celebration

2. Love My Way

3. Lovesong

4. Shock The Monkey

5. Black Planet

6. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

7. Bela Lugosi’s Dead

8. The Killing Moon

9. Pet Sematary

10. Rain

Album Line-Up:

James “Vampiro” Rivera – Vocals

Larry Barragan – Guitars

Maurice Eggenschwiler – Guitars

Garrick Smith – Bass

Rene Luna – Drums

Guest Musician:
Jan Kimmel – Hammond Organ, Backing Vocals & Co-Lead Vocals on “Rain”

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